Solution Free Education Policy: a Welcome Development

The right to Education is a legal right guaranteed for all without discrimination. This is an important necessity of life which should be adequately provided for, as it facilitates the creation of a better society.

Last Thursday, September 21, 2023, the Anambra State Governor, Prof. Charles Soludo, announced the commencement of free and qualitative education across all government owned schools, ranging from Early Childhood Care and Development Education (ECCDE) to Junior Secondary Schools (JSS).

This judicious strategy of the Soludo-led Administration, targeted at making education accessible and imperative for all, was also extended to their  counterparts in Senior Secondary School (SSS) whose tuition fees were cut down to a flat rate of N5000, cancelling out every other fees, dues and levies paid in the past.

We commend the Governor for this thoughtful Education elevationScheme tagged, ”Solution Free Education Policy”, which has made education, one of the essentials for human development, freely accessible to all in Anambra State.

Also, acknowledging that the kind gesture came at an ideal time when many families are struggling, owing to hardships in the country, will go a long way in getting all out-of-school children, due to one reason or the other, back to school.

Not long ago, Prof. Soludo recruited about 5000 teachers few months after his assumption of office as a means of enhancing the declining state of the state’s educational system which has also been lacking in the aspect of sufficient skilled instructors, to handle our students’ academic life.

We recognize the efforts of the Anambra State Governor and praise his dedication to attain and maintain excellence in the educational sector of the state as we solicit for more workforce to be employed in these government owned schools in addition to the provision of adequate teaching and learning materials as many schools visited by Fides have complained bitterly of lacking resources to commence the new academic session. We are also gratified to note that the Governor has announced plans to recruit more teachers; another step in the right direction.

However, just as the Governor has started penalizing school heads who have failed to comply with this new education policy, we further entreat Governor Soludo and his team to put in more effort in the execution of this educational developmental plan to see that it is properly and lastingly implemented so that our children will be provided with quality and well-structured education.

We also call the attention of the Government and the Ministry in charge of education in the state, to the incessant opening of schools by individuals without proper approval by the Ministry where some are usually located in unconducive environments with poor management structure.

We urge them to employ drastic measures into fishing out these unapproved schools which are mostly set up with business motives, often lacking in the major requirements of a school, even as they should endeavour to supervise the activities of the approved privately owned schools from time to time, especially as it pertains to teachers’ qualifications and child discipline, to see to it that they operate according to standard.

Our children must not be exposed to substandard education as it contributes in shaping their future, as well as that of Anambra State and our country Nigeria, at large.