Soludo’s Kinsmen Condemn His Attack on Obi

By Ikeugonna Eleke

Some people identified as kinsmen of Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, the governor of Anambra State, have condemned his recent attack on the presidential candidate of Labour Party, Mr Peter Obi.

Some voice notes made available to Fides from a WhatsApp group of members of Isuofia Community resident in Lagos State, showed the lamentations of the kinsmen over the recent attack.

Soludo hails from Isuofia Community in Aguata Local Government Area of Anambra State.

In the voice notes which were made without the attachment of their names, a source from Isuofia, who is also a member of the forum, said the members of the WhatsApp group had all condemned the governor’s utterances in unison.

Some of the men in their voice note regretted that despite all their support and mobilisation for Soludo in the last governorship election, he had turned around to refer to them as a headless mob.

In one of the voice notes, the man said: ‘Was it not at Civic Centre, Isuofia, that we started mobilizing support for our brother to become governor? Till today, he has not come to say thank you to us. The only payment he is offering us is to say that we are mobs. It is this same mob that voted him in as governor.’

In another voice note, one of the men said that in Lagos where he lived, people usually referred to him as the brother of the governor because he hailed from Isuofia.

‘I used to feel proud anytime they called me the governor’s brother, but these days, people see me as a saboteur, just because of what our brother, Soludo, said.

‘One of my neighbours, a Yoruba man, once told me that Obi was good, but the bad thing was that if they decided to support him, it was his own brothers that would pull him down. I feel so bad that the man has now been vindicated.’

Yet another, also in a voice note, said: ‘My oga’s father who I lived with while I was serving my master used to say that passing six is not passing sense, and our brother, Soludo, has confirmed it. He has shown that being educated does not necessarily mean that you are wise. My heart bleeds over that attack. Up till this moment, I have not been able to read the essay by the governor to the end.’

There has been much condemnation of Governor Soludo over his recent attacks on Obi, with many saying that what was heartrending was that there was no provocation whatsoever from Obi to warrant such attack on him by Soludo.