Soludo Visits Anambra School, Commends Number of Students

By Jude Atupulazi

The Anambra State Governor, Chukwuma Soludo, last Tuesday paid a scheduled visit to Amoji Primary School, in the Isuofia area of the state.

According to Soludo, the school was part of his “Adopt a School” experiment that led to his adoption of the school 12 years ago.

Governor Soludo of Anambra State

During his visit, Soludo hailed the increase of students in the school which was recorded after he donated educational materials to all the pupils.

Sharing details of the visit on his Facebook page, Soludo said, ‘My family and I paid a scheduled visit to Amoji Primary school, Isuofia, this morning. This is my first in two years and the pupils were excited to see us.

‘Amoji Primary School is part of my ”Adopt a School’ experiment that has proven very effective in bridging the educational gap in our rural community.

‘Twelve years ago, when I decided to fully adopt Amoji Primary school, the core objective was to bequeath an enduring legacy that will transform the lives of our Society’s young generation.

‘Today, enrollment has spiked from the initial 200 or fewer pupils to about 900 after we took up the provision of two sets of school uniforms, sportswear, sandals, books, stationery, and tuition for all the Pupils.

‘There are many more schools around where the ”Amoji Experiment” can be replicated. It is always better to build children than to repair adults,’ Soludo said.