Soludo, Anambra State And The Reality Of Many Big Dreams.

There is always something relative about most big dreams: they often kick off with indecipherable motion. Big dreams often appear like the scary climb unto a mountaintop, with a formula that’s barely popular. Curt Hinson, the renowned American author in his book “Sleeping Giant No More” captures it succinctly: “Each and every one of us are capable of achieving greatness, yet only a few of us actually tap into our talents, passions, and dreams, that would allow us to do great and mighty things, far above and beyond our wildest dreams.”

The precepts to big dreams are, surprisingly, reserved for brave hearts, and humans that wield thick daringness, exceptional courage and unbreakable resilience. Disciplinarians who are rather moved by crisp vision than unpragmatic enterprise.

Anambra State Governor, Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo, CFR, falls within the province of those rare attributes. A man who sees through the lens of logic and excellent calculations, Governor Soludo dissected the full circumference of Anambra State way before his political odyssey.

He masterfully studied the terrain, terrace and texture of each compartment of the state, and scripted his findings in such a way as to intelligently avoid operating within the misleading compass that had dented the entire image of governance in Anambra State and Nigeria, extendedly. Flattery not intended, the truth is that Governor Soludo is a different kind of leader; one that Anambra had yearned for and missed out on for a very long time. But these remarkable traits didn’t just erupt.

They had existed even when the young Charles Soludo was flipping the pages of history, first, graduating with first class honours in Economics from the prestigious University of Nigeria, Nsukka, and then going on to become one of the youngest professors in the history of the university at the time.

Professor Soludo then set out to consult for different multinationals and nations, transversing across Ethiopia, the US, the United Kingdom and thirty nine other countries. Then came his sterling tenure as the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria. Valid to say that these career journeys have played immense role in what Governor Soludo has ultimately become: a legend who has conquered on many fronts, yet has chosen — in the meekest manner — to honour the calls for home reform.

Governor Soludo’s Anambra State is the story of a beautiful young bride, who has been made the envy among her peers because she glowingly reflects her husband’s artistic ingenuity. The current administration has been able to make a strong mark on almost every area of governance.  Security, infrastructure, health, economy, social welfare, human capital, education, agriculture, tourism, and more.

In every measure, what makes Governor Soludo different is how he approaches governance. He is a man who always wants to interact directly with his people, and not depending solely on proxyship feedbacks. He speaks directly with roadside traders, artisans, passers-by and residents of that particular area.

On ongoing road projects, he would assess their opinions on quality, work speed and relationship with the construction firm, advice and other important notes. Knowing that these are the people who can tell the real story of the time, Governor Soludo deploys the best social and management theories of strategic communication, breaking, in the process, the elitist impediments that often imprison direct feedbacks, especially those that do not appeal to the auditory senses.

Governor Soludo has also initiated a quarterly media chat with Ndi Anambra. The programme which has already run into the third series, updates the people on plethora of government policies. The interactive fixture also allows so many people to call in and air their opinions real time. Governor Soludo would listen to each caller, document important notes in his ever-handy diary.

He replies all questions with a great teacher-like touch, and takes back points that need special attention. He doesn’t sleep on urgencies. A man skilled in precision and timeliness, he understands the grand rules of action and immediacy. That quarterly media chat with Ndi Anambra, has metamorphosed into something very paramount. Importantly, it has dissolved the previous thoughts of political leadership in Anambra State, and elsewhere, as unresponsive and inaccessible.

Not many people will understand Governor Soludo’s administrative principles. Here, Anambra State is blessed with a man who is always walking his talks, determined to lay a foundation for a blossoming Anambra State. But, seven years from now, Ndi Anambra shall behold the clearest picture of this unfolding dream. An epic that would told through generations. Governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo’s name shall be engraved in the golden plaque history.