Silverbird Award: Obiano’s Finest Hour

Last Sunday, February 19, 2017, Anambra governor, Willie Obiano, added yet another feather to his growing cap, when he was given the Man of the Year Award by Silverbird Group, Lagos. It was at least the fourth of such awards collected by Gov Obiano; other major ones being the Zik Leadership Award and Sun Governor of the Year Award. It was a moment to cherish, as Anambra came into the limelight for all the right reasons.
Obiano’s strides in security, agriculture, economy and infrastructural development were eulogised by the sponsors who noted that the choice of Obiano was made by the Nigerian masses who voted him the best.
We join hordes of Obiano’s supporters in congratulating him and wishing him the best as he performs the onerous job of piloting the ship of a difficult state like Anambra.
While speaking at the event, Obiano had recalled his promise to the state about running a visionary and people-oriented government. According to him, he sees far, just like a mad man, which may lead those close to him to misunderstand him.
Though his analogy bordered on the hilarious, he has indeed proved to be a man with an idea of where he is going to. Just like the previous regime which had its development mantra as Anambra Integrated Development Strategy, ANIDS, Obiano’s is encapsulated in what he calls the Four Pillars of Development.
They include but not limited to, agriculture, oil and gas, commerce and industry. To say that Obiano has maintained and improved on the stability prevalent in the state is to state the obvious.
On assuming power on the 17th day of March, 2014, he had pledged to continue, complete and commission projects started by his predecessor, while also starting his. Given the prevalent down turn in the nation’s economy, we are satisfied that Obiano has given it his best shot.
It is indeed, a remarkable feat that while many states are on the brink of coma, Anambra is still on her feet, paying salaries of workers, executing projects within the limits of available resources, and generally giving hope to the people.
With Obiano’s background as a manager of men and resources while working in the financial sector and as auditor of an oil company, it is no surprise that he has been able to steady the ship of state in the turbulent waters of the present time.
We are satisfied too that he has very reasonably brought security in the state through a well-articulated plan that included funding and equipping of the security agencies, a development that has made the state a safe haven for investment.
His holistic approach to agriculture has placed the state on the road to food security, providing an enabling environment to farmers to blossom and facilitating the export of some food items abroad. To cap it off, he announced the ordering of the supply of five million yams by America from Anambra.
He has kept to his promise of leveraging on the oil status of the state by investing in the Orient Company in Otuocha and creating the enablers for the successful attainment of his vision for it, including the building of a cargo airport.
Business opportunities are coming up through signing of MoUs with many investors desirous to key into the favourable economic climate of the state.
The Awka capital city has acquired a new look befitting of a modern capital, an achievement recorded barely in his first year in office. It may indeed be early days yet, but the future certainly looks rosy.
We urge him not to rest on his oars but to leverage on his growing national acclaim to take the state to higher heights so that history will be kind to him in years to come.
Accept our warm congratulations, Akpokuedike.

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