Sexual Abuse: Your Uncles and Aunties Houses Could Be Dangerous – Fr Chukwuelobe

. . . Advises Students to be Careful and Responsible

By Chinecherem Efobi

A Catholic priest, Rev Fr John Paul Chukwuelobe, advised young secondary students to always be vigilant about their sexual development, so as not to fall victim to sexual abuse which is prevalent in the country presently. The Reverend Father who is the school Manager of St Theresa’s Secondary School, Enugwu-ukwu gave this advice to students in his speech presented to School Children on Friday 13th December 2019, at the School hall of St. Theresa’s Secondary School, Enugwu-ukwu, during the school end of the year party.

Fr Chukwuelobe said that what made him to talk about sexual irresponsibility that day was because of the condition of a little girl whom he saw one day, who was just in JSS 3 and was pregnant. He had pity on the little girl and imagined seeing her in that condition when her peers were in school.

He continued by saying that at early age, some features and signs of maturity would start coming out which shows that someone is sexually maturing, but that should not give someone the room to be sexually disturbing the environment. For him, the young ones have to be very careful at their early age of reproductive maturity. He observed that sometimes, adults like to hide things that are related to sex from their children, but it was becoming clearer now that the young ones of this present age are really getting wiser than their parents. Fr Chukwuelobe then advised parents to be more open and closer to their maturing children to guide them through the often confusing stage.

Fr. Chukwuelobe also pointed out that we also find out that these days, many children who find themselves in their aunties or uncles places are sometimes exposed to sexually harassment. `Never have you visited such place for you own good, because when such things happen, you won’t have the mouth to talk about it. Again you may fall prey out of fear or excitement. Therefore, abstinence is the best` the Fr who is also the Priests` Tennis Captain said.

He concluded by telling them that they should protect their self at early age thereby not indulging in any sexual activities like masturbation, molestation, any type of unholy touching of their bodies, that is offensive to God and others alike.