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Sense or Nonsense

By Pat. Amobi Chukwuma

At creation God endowed man with five essential senses. They are the senses of smell, touch, sight, hearing and taste. Each of them is very vital. None of them can stand for the other. If someone loses any of them, then he or she becomes disabled.

If you lose the sense of smell, then you can comfortably sleep inside public pit toilet. If you lose the sense of touch, then you are out of human reality. If you lose the sense of sight, then you live in a world of imagination. If you lose the sense of hearing, then you become soundless.

If you lose the sense of taste, then you can eat human excreta with ease. In general, if you are insensible, then everything becomes nonsense. If Robinson loses his senses, then he becomes Rubbish.

In actuality sense has to do with rationality. You can possess the five basic senses and yet become senseless. When you are out of your senses, then you begin to talk nonsense. Whenever anyone is talking or behaving, people watch out if there is sense in what he or she says or does. Contentment follows any sensible talk or action. On the contrary, dismay follows any nonsensical talk or action.

Some people do not take me serious when I talk or behave. Some see me as a clown or a joker. Some say that I trivialize serious matters. Even though I am not a gardener, I have been accused of watering serious things down. These are people’s opinions.

Earnestly I know myself. I am always serious even when I am joking. There is sense in my speeches and actions. It is a matter of methodology. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. Those who follow my line of thought or my sensible acumen have confessed that they have received instant healing from their high blood pressure at no cost. In a nutshell, my write-up is always not a nonsensical nonsense but a sensible sense. Are you with me or at deep sea?

Now let me dissect the nucleus of my topic today. I begin from the genesis of everything. God created Adam and Eve and housed them in the Garden of Eden, where happiness was the order of the day. That was the earthly paradise. God in his love instructed them to eat from the trees in the garden except from the tree of life and death.

In the course of time, the cunning serpent seduced Eve, the ever first lady, to believe that they would become as wise as God if they eat the forbidden fruit. Out of pride Eve ate it and took some to her husband Adam who was away at that point in time. Probably he went to survey a portion of land in the garden for development.

After the first couple on earth had eaten the forbidden fruit, their eyes were opened to evil. Instead of becoming wise they began to talk nonsense and indulged in nonsensical behaviors. They recognized that they were naked and they became ashamed of themselves.

Consequently, they were expelled from the Garden of Eden and they began to encounter sufferings of different degrees. In a similar way, when we follow the dictates of the Lord, we talk sense. But when we follow the dictates of bad conscience, we fall into and we begin to talk nonsense and indulge in nonsensical actions.

Is there any human being who is wiser than God? God knows the reason why he created man different from woman. They are both human beings, but their sexual organs are not the same. They are meant for copulation and reproduction.

Unfortunately today, it is a common phenomenon to hear or to see men who metamorphose themselves into women. Similarly some women turn themselves into men. Often they undergo plastic surgery to achieve their ungodly goals. However, it is not certain if they change their private parts entirely.

For this reason, it is highly recommended to undergo gender test before any marriage takes place in this era of confusion. If this is not done, any of the married partners can see strange visions during honeymoon.

Sanity and insanity are in collision these days. Sanity has to do with correct use of the senses. On the other hand, someone becomes insane when he or she is out of his or her senses. As I was taking my routine fitness walk few days ago, I accidentally came across enraged husband and wife exchanging verbal ballistic missiles.

At that moment in time, they were out of their senses. Their children and neighbours became spectators. When temper became very high, the husband slapped senses out of his validly wedded wife. In retaliation the dizzy wife bit off entirely the right ear of her husband.

The bleeding one-ear husband out of extreme anger destroyed one of his wife’s eyes with a heavy blow. The equation became balanced: One ear husband is equal to one-eye wife. Both lost their senses and acted in nonsensical manners. Since the unfortunate nonsense took place, they are dying in regrets.

The whole world is moving forward scientifically and otherwise. Hence the entire world is now described as a global village. Through the use of the internet services you can access any part of the world. Digital communication has overtaken manual communication. Soft copy has replaced hard copy.

Indeed the mandate God gave to humanity at creation is coming to fruition. One day the ill-fated tower of Babel that will reach the throne of God in heaven will be revisited and achieved, if God allows it this time. The divine mandate is: “Conquer the earth and subdue it.”

It is not “conquer the heaven and subdue it.”Humanity is endowed by the Almighty God with bundles of impossibilities. Man, as limited in knowledge as he is, has challenged God positively and negatively. If man succeeds in conquering death scientifically, then it will be the greatest human feat. However, I am convinced that God can never allow it.

As the entire countries of the world are making progress scientifically, digitally and economically, our country Nigeria is degenerating to the State of Nature, where might is power and the survival of the fittest reigns supreme. Terrorism, banditry, cultism, kidnapping for ransom and for murder are the order of the day. Above all, the life of cows in Nigeria presently is more valuable than human life.

Numerous Nigerians have lost their lives and properties so that cows can live comfortably. The modern method of rearing cows all over the world is by ranching. But here in Nigeria our national leader has insisted on open grazing by which the Fulani herders now carry Ak-47 and other dangerous weapons to kill anybody on their way.

Many farmers and villagers have been killed in the process and their properties were destroyed. Many women have been raped by the herders. Farmlands have been occupied by the herders with their cattle. Crops of various kinds have been destroyed. Hunger is seriously looming in this country.

Currently the Governors of Southern Nigeria rose recently in their meeting at Asaba and said, “Enough is enough!” They have unanimously banned open grazing of cows in their areas. This calls for ranching. It is a pity that some of our leaders in the corridor of power oppose the ban on open grazing.

It is quite unfortunate that the Attorney General of the Federation compared open grazing in southern Nigeria with selling of motor spare parts in northern Nigeria. The two are incomparable. Those Fulani herders in the south kill innocent farmers and villagers so that they feed their cattle freely. On the contrary, the spare parts dealers in the north buy shops in the markets where they sell.

They do not kill their hosts; neither do they rape women in the markets nor destroy properties of their host communities. President Buhari also is not helping matters by his insistence on open grazing in this digital world. It has been discovered that no national gazette makes open grazing route a law in Nigeria.

The real sensible thing to do at this trial moment and for peace to reign in the country is for the Federal Government to ask the Fulani herders to adopt ranching as the modern method of cattle rearing. We ought to shift from nonsense to sense so that Nigeria can move forward. There is need also for a national dialogue to quell the bloody tensions in the country. An inclusive federal government would reduce the quest for self determination. True Federalism is the answer.