School Run Stands with knights on the Rights of the Unborn

By Chinecherem Efobi

On December 28, 2019, the Knights and Ladies of St Mulumba Awka Zone took a March through the streets of Awka to emphasize the protection of the rights of the unborn. Fides School Run identifies with the Knights on this. This is why the lecture by Bro Ubboe on this subject is published verbatim for you. Once again, Stop ABORTION School Children say.

An Address on the Rights of the Unborn Child Delivered to the Knights and Ladies of St. Mulumba Aquinas &Awka Su-bcouncils at the Mulumba Hall Awka On 28″ of December 2019 in Celebration of theFeast of the Holy Innocents

About two thousand and nineteen years ago, Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem in Judea as earlier predicted by the prophets. King Herod heard of the birth of this newborn king from the three wise men from the East who had come to locate and worship him. Disturbed by this news, he told them to locate him and bring words/information so that he, too, may go and worship him. But the wisemen (Magi) after worshipping the newborn king were led back to their homes through another route by an angel. An angel also directed Mary and Joseph to take the child away to Egypt. Realizing that the Magi had returned through another route and not having any further information about the newborn king, Herod ordered the killing of all the babies below one year of age. This is to ensure that Jesus, though not identified will be among those killed. Many babies in this age group were killed by the execution of this order.

These innocent babies, who committed no crime, but were killed in a bid to eliminate the newborn king, the church later beatified and named them collectively, THE HOLY INNOCENTS. Today, reckless killing has extended to the unborn for one unacceptable reason on the other. Hence the church is drawing our attention to this group of innocent beings being killed through induced abortions.

A child is a human being between the age of one and five years. To be a child, you have to be born at least one year earlier. This scientific definition renders the term “unborn child” incorrect or inaccurate. But this coinage is aimed at stressing that the foetus is a human being at a certain stage of development and should be accorded its right like any other human being.

On the first day of creation, God fashioned man from sand and breathed life into it. This breathe transformed the mould into a functional human being, giving it various characteristics by which life and living are defined. These includes reproduction, growth & development, locomotion, feeding, excretion of wastes and irritability. All these, except locomotion, are demonstrable by ultrasound scan at 9weeks of age and above when all the human parts have been formed.

Stages of human development
Every human being begins life as a cell at fertilization. Subsequent development are
grouped into two major stages.

1) Intrauterine development
2) Extrauterine development
a) Ovular phase (O-3weeks)
b) Embryonic phase (4-8weeks)
c) Foetal phase (9-40weeks)

In the ovular stage, the single cell undergoes multiplication to produce millions of cells. In the embroyonic phase all these cells are arranged in groups and programmed to develop into different organs that make up the physical man. After 8weeks from conception all the organs have been formed and each continues to grow in size and mature in function until at birth.

These processes are powered by life and are arrested when life leaves the body. The foetus is then said to be dead – abortion or intrauterine death. Death of unborn child can be caused by diseases, drugs, chemicals, when this is known as spontaneous abortions. Human beings can also cause this death with chemicals, drugs and scientific instruments to interrupt the further development of the unborn child. This is called induced abortion. This deliberate meddlesomeness aimed at removing the life of the unborn baby is what the church is strongly against and exhorts humanity to observe and respect the sanctity of life. Put succinctly the church does not support induced abortion for any reason as this is termination of life.
The fifth commandment of God says thou shall not kill. Killing is termination of life.

Right of the unborn child/individual.
The governments of different countries have a list of rights which its citizen are entitled to enjoy.

These includes right to:
a) Life
b) Protection
c) Care
d) Shelter
e) Education
f) Legal representation etc.

Government operates to protect the rights of individuals and prescribes sanctions, as deterrent, for attempted or full violation of these rights. Only the first three are applicable to the unborn child. In countries where induced abortions are legalized, the unborn child is denied these few rights it can enjoy by virtue of its stages of development. Its life is dependent on the discretion of the parents who cannot give life.

It is the position of the church that nobody, including the parents, has the right to terminate the life of another human at any stage of the human body development. This position is also that of the knights of our scared order and true Christians. Adults who legalize or perpetrate these acts of abortion must realise that they lived today because their predecessors conceded to them these rights in their intrauterine life. Otherwise they wouldn’t be adults of today. What is good for the goose is also good for the gander.

Protection and care
Some drugs, diseases, chemicals affecting the mother can cause death of the unborn. Parents owe the unborn child a duty of care and protection. Expectant mothers should seek antenatal care, avoid drugs & chemicals that can harm the foetus, avoid falls or impact to their abdomen, take prescribed drugs known to improve her health and that of the unborn child. Not taking these measures may well be a deliberate but unexpressed attempts at terminating the life of the unborn child.

The unborn child is a full human being at early/intrauterine stage of development like all human beings. It is entitled to the preservation of its God given life, protection and care from parents as a matter of right. Failure to accord it these rights may well be interpreted as attempted or completed murder. People should try to avoid doing harm to the unborn child through omission or commission.

I thank you all for your patient attention.

Bro Ubboe G. I.

Brother Ubboe delvering the lecture on the right of the unborn Child

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