Safety in the Ember Months, a Prerogative for Motorists

Ever since the ember months arrived, there has been an increase in the rate of road accidents as is always seen at this time of the year. Some of these road mishaps are either caused by carelessness by the motorists, over speeding, impatience and sometimes, ignorance of highway codes and signs. Either way, these road crashes are mostly caused by human elements.

It is important for road users to drive with an alert mind and stay focused while driving. The mind is very powerful when the driver takes over the wheels. When the driver is distracted to the extent of colliding with an oncoming vehicle, it can only mean that the mind is not alert. This also counts when drivers sleep behind the steering wheels. This is one of the most common reasons why car crashes happen on major highways.

It is evidently a very common cause of accidents during the ember months when most transport companies travel back and forth during the peak of the yuletide. Because their drivers want to meet up with satisfying their teeming customers, they deprive themselves of enough sleep, thus making them vulnerable to the call of nature. The end result is usually an accident. The mind should therefore be alert in order to minimize these accidents.

A lot of drivers are known to make and receive calls while driving and this, more than anything, distracts the drivers, causing accidents that could have ordinarily been avoided.

Overloading is also a reason for some road mishaps as every car has its capacity for the weight it is expected to carry. Most times, because most transport companies make a lot of money from heavy loads, they exceed the required weight they should carry. This also contributes to road crashes.

The Federal Road Safety Corps therefore has a great role to play in the prevention of road mishaps. Thankfully, the Anambra State Sector has flagged off the 2019 Ember Months Campaign.

We are also pleased to learn that the Commission has, as part of the Ember Months Campaign, decided to arrest masquerades which cause road obstructions and molest people, often causing accidents.

We also urge the FRSC to embark on a massive drive this period to bring all defaulters to book. Most motorists drive with tyres that are not safe for the roads. All such vehicles should be impounded as most passengers do not take time out to check such details before boarding the buses.

Everyone has a right to life and safety and as such, should join hands with the safety agencies and government agencies that have been appointed to maintain sanity on our roads.

The yuletide is around the corner and Nigerians look forward to all the festivity and fanfare that come with it. There should be life in order to be a part of the yuletide. Stay safe and be a harbinger of safety; whether you are a driver, motorist or safety official.