S-East Killings: Joe Igbokwe Urges Stakeholders to Approach Buhari for Security

By Ikeugonna Eleke

A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Lagos State, Chief Joe Igbokwe, has alleged that the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, sponsored the pro-Biafra group, Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, in 2015 after losing the election just to spite President Muhammadu Buhari.

Igbokwe in a post on Facebook said the solution to the insecurity in the zone was for stakeholders to visit President Buhari and seek for improved security in the zone.

He however stated that he had paid his own price for the insecurity in the zone through the burning of his house in Nnewi last year.

His words, ‘President Buhari won election in 2015 and IPOB, a branch of PDP, took to the streets to vent their anger, stupidity and frustrations. Our leaders: the intelligentsia, governors, lawmakers, university dons, bishops, traditional rulers, business moguls, chieftains of industries, men of Issachar, the vibrant and useful youths, and all other stakeholders in the South East, looked the other way, thinking that blackmail, morbid silence, and unconcerned attitudes would help. It did not. It ended in disaster, frustrations and deaths.

‘The one million containers of hate and bigotry we deliberately imported into the South East have berthed quietly and neatly too in Igbo Land. We are offloading the goods into various warehouses across Igbo Land. They are selling like hot cakes and everybody is receiving his or her own share of the goods.

‘I received mine on Sunday, October 3, 2021, in Uruagu Nnewi. The President General Ohaneze Worldwide, Prof George Obiozor, received his own too. An attack on Ohaneze President General is an attack on all Igbo anywhere in the world. Akunyili Family received theirs too. The late Chu Okongwu family in Nnewi received theirs too. Governor Hope Uzodinma received his containers too. Police personnel, police formations, INEC offices, LGAs, etc were not left out in the distribution of the largesse. I can go on and on.’

Igbokwe said to reclaim the South East, there were two ways to go about it, one of which was to approach Buhari and seek for improved security in the zone.

‘Every man in Igbo Land must stand up and chase these bandits and criminals out of Igbo Land and take back our South East, the land of the rising sun. Nobody has a monopoly of violence. Force respects force. The language these bandits or Boko Haram of South East will understand now is dialogue on an equal basis,’ Igbokwe stated.

He therefore called on the stakeholders he mentioned, to visit the President in Abuja and request for security to protect lives and property in the South East Zone, describing the current situation in Igbo Land as one that demanded every man to do their best.

‘I have done my duty to Igbo Land. Do yours now or we lose everything to criminals and bandits,’ Igbokwe warned.