Ritual Activities: Awka Council Boss Wants Value Reorientation

By Daruwana Daku

The Transition Chairman of Awka South Local Government Area, Hon Leo Nwuba, believes that the rising cases of yahoo boys and their killings can only come to an end when the orientation of the people on value for wealth is considered. Sir Nwuba who sees the only panacea to the scourge as the concerted efforts of the government and traditional institution, also charges the royal fathers of the various communities, where, he says, people of dubious means are worshipped, to change the narrative.

Speaking to Fides in his office in Awka, the council chairman who said the task was more of government and traditional business, said the government should not be held entirely responsible on the issue.

According to him, it all had to do with the value system. His words, ‘From antiquity, we value people who were farmers by giving them commensurate titles such as ”Diji”, for those who had robust yam bans.’

Hon Nwuba said the new era of industrialization had shown people who through their enterprise made fame and wealth legitimately.

Discrediting the new norm where people are hailed for lavishing money where its root source could not be ascertained, the chairman called for the reorientation of the value system.

On the role of the government in reducing the growing trend, Nwuba charged relevant agencies to look more in the direction of investigating what he termed the nefarious activities of the youths. This was even as he insisted on a return to the core value system of society.

Our value system should not only be taught in secondary schools, but to tertiary institutions where many of these fraudsters and ritualists come from. Until the value of hard work and legitimate wealth is appreciated, youths may not have appreciated whatever empowerment that they may receive from government, owing to how much of wealth they make and spend through fraudsters and money rituals,’ Nwuba stated.