Rising Spate of Ritual Killings, Highly Condemnable

All over the country are tales of the absurd, ranging from parents killing children, children killing parents, siblings killing siblings and friends killing friends. In most of these cases, the reason has been the desperation of the culprits to make money by using others for rituals.

Whether or not this actually works is a matter of conjecture but suffice it to say that the lust for ill-gotten money has made our society worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.

It was not long ago that the story was told about how a woman connived with one of her children to kill her last son for money making purposes. When a woman who went through the rigours of pregnancy and child bearing, resorts to such an action, then, nothing can shock anyone again.

There is no doubt that what we see today are products of our warped society; a society which has elevated materialism over all else. It is a society which does not ask questions of people’s background, so long as money flows. We can see this in communities, groups and everywhere. Is it then any surprise that many people, especially the young, now do everything to make money and be hailed like the rest?

No one is safe from these people anymore and nowhere is safe. There is no doubt that we are collectively reaping from a society we have abused. No one listens to the other and it is everyone to himself. Things have never reached this sordid and horrible level and the worst part is that we do not seem to have learned any lesson.

Rather than salvage the situation, we are still ennobling evil, all because of our love and lust for material gain. Every institution is now culpable and that is a great tragedy indeed.

We need to have a rethink, do some honest soul searching and tell ourselves the truth which is that we have collectively brought about this horrible situation. For how long can this go on? For how long can we continue to condone all that is happening? Who can save us from all this?

All the answers lie within us. We need to urgently reorder our priorities and accept that money is not everything. In communities only the rich are listened to; whether they talk sense or not. Last yuletide, many communities, held activities but in virtually all of them, it was seen how the rich were vulgarly celebrated.

Many were given chieftaincy titles, regardless of their antecedents or how they made their money. Money, rather than ideas, now rules our world.

The obscene display of wealth has greatly influenced the young ones who are now ready to do anything to be like those they see celebrated. It is quite unfortunate and even more unfortunate is the fact that adults today compete with youths on who will outdo the other in the evil pursuit of money.

May God save us.