Retreat Centre Appreciates Fr. Anene, Welcomes Fr Okoye at End of the Year Christmas Celebration

By Chioma Nnagbo

It was a triple celebration for the Good Shepherd Chapel of Archbishop A. K Obiefuna Retreat, Pastoral and Conference Centre Okpuno, on Sunday, 15 December, 2019, as they appreciated the former Director of the Centre, Rev. Fr. Francis Emeka Anene and welcomed the New Director, Rev Fr. Polycarp Chimaobi Okoye, at her end of year Christmas party.

During his Homily, Fr Anene, described this Christian Era as an era of Greatness. He focused his reflection on the mission and greatness of John the Baptist and explained that John was great because he was a lover of truth and preached the truth boldly even at the rise of his life. He encouraged Christians to emulate the life of John the Baptist by condemning the evils in society.

Fr. Anene, advised all to live fruitful life and to embrace this era of greatness and love as described through the life of John the Baptist. In his concluding part of his homily, he encouraged Christians to prepare for the coming of the Messiah by demonstrating the act of kindness and love.

At the reception ground, the Chaplain of the Good Shepherd Chapel, Rev Fr Maximus Muojekwu, thanked God for his love and mercy throughout the year. Fr. Muojekwu thanked Fr. Emeka Anene for making the centre a home for all during his administration and for giving it a face lift. In a special way, he welcomed the new Director, Fr Okoye, and commended him for the good work he had already started at the centre.

Presenting the farewell and welcome address, Mr. Paul Nwokolo thanked Fr Anene for using his lifestyle to teach them discipline, humility and cleanliness. In a special way, he thanked the former director for showing members of the chapel the various opportunities that abound in the internet. In the same vein, he welcomed youth and children friendly priest, Fr. Okoye whom he described as a happy and hardworking priest.

In his remarks, Fr. Anene expressed gratitude to the Retreat Centre Family, Fides Family, statutory bodies, friends and well-wishers for making his administration a success. He said that all the achievements at the centre were because of the support the people of God gave to him. In a special way, he thanked Frs. Muojekwu, Okoye, for keeping the flag flying. He prayed for a successful Christmas Celebration and for journey mercies to all travellers.

In his closing remarks, Fr. Okoye thanked all for their time and support to make the celebration worthwhile.

It will be recalled that Fr. Anene, worked at the centre for three fruitful years and was known for his kind, humble and hardworking spirit. As an internet savvy Priest, he was loved by many, especially in the area of exposing the youth to so many internet opportunities.

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