Resurgence of Kidnapping in Anambra, More Vigilance, Cooperation Needed

Gradually, kidnapping has gone up a notch in various parts of Anambra State after a slight lull. In what is seemingly becoming a weekly affair, incidences of kidnapping occur everywhere and at any time. This has again thrown the people of the state into panic and understandably so.

Kidnapping people is one of the lowest things any human being can do and it is highly condemnable. Those behind this, make no distinction on those they kidnap. Their victims range from schoolchildren to business people and priests. Sometimes they are released after payment of ransom and at other times they are killed. This is not palatable at all.

This happens despite the best actions of the Anambra State Government and security agencies who, it must be noted, have been on the top of their game. The police have often attributed successes recorded against the hoodlums to prompt information by members of the public.

While it is becoming frustrating that the activities of these hoodlums have continued, despite all the efforts against them, we nevertheless still appeal to the citizenry to continue to cooperate with the security agencies in giving information that will lead to the arrest of the criminals. Indeed, the job of policing in these trying times begins from each individual, especially since these hoodlums live in communities among the people.

Communities should also do more by mapping out measures to identify strangers in their midst and mounting checks on their activities, even as they monitor the activities of locals with criminal or suspicious behaviour.

These days too, incidences of robberies in commercial buses and tricycles are on the increase and hardly a few days pass without stories of people being robbed in them. Shops are also being targeted, especially in the town ships, by these criminals. They usually storm shops at odd hours to rob people there at gun point before dashing out.

This is where the citizenry are urged to focus attention on, as many of the perpetrators are those known as area boys. We are certain that most of these criminals are well known in their localities but people often shy away from reporting them either out of fear or lack of trust in the police. To this end, the appropriate authorities should find ways of reassuring the members of the public about their safety after cooperating with the law enforcement agencies.

The security agencies  should devise better, foolproof ways of protecting informers as this will increase their confidence in the security agencies. Indeed, the spate of robberies and kidnappings in the state is becoming alarming once more and no effort should be spared in arresting the situation.

We suggest that the police go on more street patrols in unmarked vehicles so as not to give their identities away and to catch the hoodlums off guard. The idea of the police, army or navy being stationed in one place is also the reason they are killed gunmen and we hope this will change.

We wish to commend the police for their gallant efforts and urge them not to relent; even as we plead with the public to continue cooperating.