Re-addressing the Security Situation in Anambra State

Over the years, Anambra State was considered one of the most unsafe states in the southeast. Several governments came in and did their bit to eradicate crime in the state, but no matter how much they tried, it was difficult to completely fight the menace of crime.

The government of Governor Willie Obiano has however recorded a huge pass mark in the area of Crime Fighting, even though the state cannot boast of being completely free of crime. The ban of commercial cyclists popularly known as Okada was a great step in the right direction, much as it raised controversies about the government not fulfilling their own end of their promise to replace the okada with shuttle buses. The Okada ban by the government left of the state witnessing a certain peace which included a reduction in accident rates as most of the road mishaps in the state were caused by the carelessness of these commercial okada riders. Relatively, there was a drastic reduction in crime as well, because they were known to commit crimes with their bikes. The order of the day back then was that people were being robbed by these Okada riders at gun point, constant snatching of ladies’ gold chains or handbags as the case may be, stealing cars from unsuspecting motorists and so on. Each time they went on their criminal operations, their escape was made very easy too, as a result of their bikes.

Other crimes like kidnapping, drug abuse, and child trafficking also became the other of the day. However, the Anambra State Police Command has been very great in their crime fighting activities. Every week, criminals and suspects are fished out and publicly paraded at the police headquarters and most times, they all confess to their criminal activities, after which they will face prosecution. The number of these suspected criminals has been on the increase and the state government deserves to be commended by this feat, particularly as notable areas like Onitsha and Nnewi prove very difficult to handle because of their cosmopolitan nature.

The one problem that however seems to be on the increase in the state is the One-chance scourge. For a consistent period of time, victims have recounted of their ordeals in the hands of these criminals. Their modus operandi is that they pick up passengers and rob them of their valuables and throw them off the moving vehicle. The Anambra Police Command needs to look into this menace and try and seek ways to eradicate it. Another recurrent crime is Cultism. Really disturbing, is the age bracket most of these cultists fall into. These youngsters are usually very daring and trigger happy. There is a need for the security operatives in the state to look into their activities. They are all over the state, talking about Nnewi, Awka, Onitsha, Enugwu-ukwu, and so on.

The problem of cultism should not be treated with laxity, just as that of ‘One-chance’. Anambra habours residents of all strata, which is why these crimes will keep rearing their heads. However, the state security operatives need to re-address the security situation in every way they can so as to maintain the safety of the state and environs. They shouldn’t rest on their oars with the belief that the state is entirely safe.

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