Productive Learning Opportunities/Ventures for Nigerian Students During Lockdown.


By Princess Chinecherem Efobi

Let me first orchestrate my philosophy about the subject matter, productive learning. Learning deals with knowledge acquisition either through study, experience or by being taught. Such knowledge or skills needs implementation and that is the productive part of learning. Time is ticking. It stops for no one, ideas or goals will not take us far if not backed with a clear productive strategy.

For productive learning to be feasible among Nigeria students, first we need productive system. Our day to day actions in life forms our system of living and generates outcomes in our life. Remember, Event plus (+) Response is equal to (=) Outcome. If the event is not desirable, then we change our response to get a desired outcome. Productive system remains one of the determinants of such positive outcome.

Productive Learning Opportunities/ The Way Forward

  1. Goal Setting: Goals are very essential in planning for the future and promotes development of skills in human life. Every person’s life depends on the process of choosing goals to pursue. If you remain passive you are not going to thrive as a human being. Such goals must be clear and precise.
  2. Prioritization as a principle and a process: Here, we evaluate the goals we set earlier, ranking them in their order of priority, importance or urgency. This entails doing the first things first.
  3. Avoid Distractions: Distraction impair the ability to learn, thereby making learning harder. No matter what perspective a person takes on distraction, distraction is taking attention away. Maximize your time and focus more on your goals. Knowing your goals and keeping your vision in mind can help you tackle distraction. In this COVID-19 lock down, most people including students are faced with bottle up internal and external distractions. The former is to be controlled while the latter eliminated (removed).
  4. Keep moving forward: There may be curfew but our phones are not on lockdown. Even while resting and staying at home, do something little that brings you closer to your goal. Remember, winners never quit, quitters never win. For there is no crown without thorns. No thorn, no crown. Hence,suffering produces success. Always bear in mind that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel as you move forward. No matter how small your effort, keep moving and stop for nothing. To move forward we need attitudinal orientation. Change your state of mind and activate the will-to-do (positive will) which is the inner energy that controls all conscious acts.


Bring this home, we work and look forward to a better tomorrow. As a Nigerian student facing COVID-19 lockdown, many opportunities lie in wait for you. The best approach to this is to maximize/utilize them.

  1. Making it Green

The importance of agriculture cannot be overemphasized. It plays a pivotal role in the growth of any state. For those that find themselves in rural areas, why not make the best out of the community lands by going green. This in return creates employment and provides food security. For us to remain alive we need food and this also ensures the stability of the nations economy. This is not restricted to farming alone, it also cuts across rearing of animals. like goats, rabbits, etc,  that feed more on natural grass.

The feeding pattern of such animals suits the contending lock down as no much foreign food is involved. The waste product of such animals can as well, serve as manure to the farm in place of fertilizer. By doing so, we gain more, using the vocal things around us.

  1. Skill Acquisition:

Lack of skills in Nigeria is the major cause of corruption among the youth. This ability to do something well (skill), usually gained through experience or training. Many technicians today earn more than some university graduates because the technicians acquired more of skills than the theories the graduates were fed with when they were in the university. This lockdown calls for a sober reflection among Nigerian students. Although movements are restricted, there is still a free flow of the internet. As the world evolves, we do so with it.

At the cognitive stage, I suggest we make use of internet as a mentor. At the intermediate stage we practice what we learnt. Constant practicing will automatically lead us to the autonomous stage which is the final stage of skill acquisition. A lot of skills can fit in, this period. Skills like tailoring, bead making, you can as well learn new languages and so on.

  1. Lock-Down Digitalization

Why waste your data on irrelevant chats online. Why waste data streaming unuseful videos online while you can as well interact with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts. In the networking world you can trade online even while on lock-down, have you tried forex? A lots of opportunities lie out there in networking. Such opportunities include:

  1. Online Writing Job: Websites demand regular content to update their website, aside this you can as well venture in online competition. Your ideas stand the chance of not only earning you a prize, but as well change the world positively and make it a better place for all. Some other online jobs include:


Online selling jobs,

Online tutor jobs

Web development job etc.

Conclusively, dream big, work hard, stay focused and surround yourself with good people. Today holds the opportunity to right yesterday’s wrong for a better tomorrow. If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it. Make your own destiny.

Akunne Chimezie E.

University of Nigeria Nsukka. 08025904715