Power! Power!! Power!!!

By Amobi Pat Chukwuma

Power belongs to God. But since Satan’s revolt in heaven, everything has altered. Lucifer, who was the head of the Angels, challenged the power of God. He conspired with his fellow dissident angels to overthrow God and usurp His power. Unfortunately, his heinous agenda failed. War broke out in heaven between the faithful and unfaithful angels. Michael the Archangel led the faithful Angels against Lucifer and his conspirators. In the heavenly war, Satan and the dissident angels were defeated. They were cast down on earth. How I wished they were cast into another planet so that we human beings can rest from the snares of the devil.

Just last week, I came out of my residential house and was heading towards the chapel for my usual morning prayer. Suddenly a local cock came from nowhere and started pursuing me. I thought it was a joke. To be on the safer side, I took to my heels. The cock persisted in pursuing me, making fierce noise and crowing continuously. When it flew up to perch on my shoulder, I hastened and ran into the chapel and shut the door. To my greatest surprise, the cock started pushing the door heavily to pull it down. I was dumbfounded. Emotionally I asked myself, “This type of cock, I never see! Where did it get all this power? Did it develop teeth overnight? Was it an ordinary cock or an evil man or an evil spirit in form of a cock?” As it was trying to pull down the door, I started praying before the Holy of Holies, binding and casting. My prayer was very effective (akpucative). After some minutes, there was calm everywhere. Courageously I opened the chapel door and saw the cock lying powerless and lifeless on the ground.

Strange things are happening these days. Few days ago, five grown up children out of nine passed a vote of no confidence on their biological parents for no good reason whatever. They served them with impeachable offences, which include refusal to die so that they (the children) can take over power, blocking their future, witchcraft and wickedness. The following day, the five children impeached their parents and drove them out of the house. Then they began to control the affairs of the family. They divided the father’s estates and became landlords. As time went on, two of them entered into power tussle to become the traditional ruler of the town. In the process one poisoned the other. When his crime became public, he hung himself to avoid being arrested. When they reach the judgment seat of God, they will determine who is more powerful.

The power tussle to become President General or Traditional Ruler has torn some towns in Nigeria into pieces. Some grab power by hook or crook and are worshipped as gods. In some towns, we have parallel President Generals or Traditional Rulers. Each reigns in his own small kingdom and have subjects loyal to him. In a certain town, a popular businessman and politician crowned himself Igwe while the real traditional ruler is still alive and active. He and his adherents have tried by all means to dethrone the original Igwe. Despite the fact that the government does not recognize the young power monger as the town’s traditional ruler, he still goes about wearing his crown. He even wears it in the toilet. Whenever he comes into the toilet to defecate, the flies shout, “Igwe!” They hover around him, waiting for him to offload waste food for them to perch on. It is said that the hood does not make a monk. After all, the crown is being sold in the market.

In some states in Nigeria, some politicians failed in the just concluded primary elections of their parties. They lost political power and were confused on what next. Some resorted to impeachment threats, whether legal or illegal. Some began to practice political prostitution in order to regain power by all means. The governors who lost in their bid to install their godsons as successors entered into verbal and practical confrontation with the powers that be in their political parties. They spend huge sums of money and energy in their pursuit of power. Is power for sale?

During the military junta in this country, we saw coups and counter coups. In bloody coups, human lives were wasted just to take control of power at the centre. In failed coups, the coup plotters faced court martial and were sentenced to death by firing squad. There was one African military dictator who dreamt of being toppled in dream. When he got up in the morning, he summoned those officers he saw in the dream. He lined them up and summarily executed them despite their being innocent.

Some world leaders, especially in Africa, are sit-tight presidents or military heads of state. They keep themselves in power by all means. During elections they manipulate the electoral system in order to consolidate power. Just recently, the President of Cameroon won a controversial election and ascended to power for the seventh time. He has been in power for 38 years now and is 85 years old. What else has he to offer as an old man? He may continue to be president of Cameroon from the grave. Really, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The former president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, was in power for 37 years. Even at the age of 94 he was still holding unto power. The Zimbabwe Military forced him to step down against his will on 21 November 2017. Similarly, some past living and departed leaders of Nigeria had such illicit ambition to remain in power for life but the tide was against them. They were coerced to relinquish power by forces beyond their control. The late head of State, General Sani Abacha, died shamefully on the seat of power while trying to become life president. Indeed, man proposes but God disposes. The problem of our leaders is that they fail to learn from history.

In the religious circle, a self made pastor started healing ministry when his business failed. All the fake methods he used to lure unsuspecting people into his newly founded church proved abortive. His bosom friend advised him to follow him to a town in the western part of the country where he would consult a powerful native doctor who would infuse power in him for a successful ministry. The pastor was very much interested. Later they went. The native doctor asked him to get three fresh human heads and bury in the foundation of his church. On return, he paid some boys who did the nasty bloody job for him. The heads were buried and his ministry started booming. With satanic powers, he performed wonderful miracles. He promised to be paying his friend twenty percent of the proceeds from the ministry monthly.

He did so for six months and stopped. He warned his friend never to near his ministry again. Angrily, his friend hired some bad boys who broke into the home of the pastor and shot him, his brand new wife and 3-month old son dead. He got his power from human heads and paid dearly with his head and that of his wife and newly born child.

Those who struggle to get power by all means should visit the nearest mortuary and see powerless power. An unconfirmed story went about in town that an evil powerful man died and his corpse was deposited in a certain mortuary. At night he drove all the corpses in the mortuary outside and occupied the inner mortuary alone. In the morning the morticians would overstretch themselves taking back the corpses into the mortuary on daily basis. I went to that mortuary at midnight to see things for myself. It was all fake news. One of the morticians told me that such a thing never happened because corpses are powerless. They dependence for incorruptibility lay in the hands of the morticians. I asked one of the morticians to show me that particular allegedly powerful dead man. I pitied him because his remains were already decomposing and was lying powerless on bare floor. In the mortuary all powers are rendered powerless. I found no great man in that morgue because they were all lying naked, except for the piece of cloth that is used to cover each lifeless body. In a nutshell, no corpse is more powerful than the other.

The Holy Scripture tells us that in the Name of Jesus Christ every knee in heaven and on earth shall bow. All powers belong to Him who will come again in majesty to judge the living and the dead. As we celebrate the Kingship of Christ today on earth, let’s begin to bow down before the mighty Power of powers. He is the King of kings and Lord of lords. Jesus Christ utilized his human and divine power to salvage the sinful mankind. He is the King who died on the infamous gibbet to save his subjects. He is an exemplary Leader. He came to serve and not to be served.

Our today’s worldly leaders came to be served. Their subjects die for them instead of them dying for the good of their subjects. They empty the country’s treasury into private pockets while their subjects starve and die. During electioneering campaigns, they promise us heaven on earth. Rarely do they fulfill those promises. They get to power through our votes and use our blood as libation to hold on to power. I highly appreciate the former President of Nigeria, Dr. Jonathan Ebele Goodluck, who said that his ambition to stay in power was not worth the blood of any Nigerian. He lost re-election, congratulated the winner and handed over power peacefully. He has written his name in the Guinness Book of Records.

As the electioneering campaigns for the 2019 general elections have been flagged off, the presidential candidates, gubernatorial aspirants, national and state assembly candidates should embrace peace, justice and fair play. Election is not a do-or-die affair. It is only through peaceful, free, fair and credible election that a good leader can be empowered. Power belongs to God. Those who usurp power through the back door will be humiliated sooner or later.

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