Poor Leadership, Reason for Floating Freedom, Justice Party – Anyanwu

….Declares Nomination Forms Free 

By Abuchi Onwumelu

The deputy national chairman (South) of Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), Chief Goddy  Emeka Anyanwu, has given maladministration by the successive administrations in Nigeria as the reason for floating the new party, describing it as the vehicle through which Nigerians will be driven out of bad leadership.

Addressing newsmen in Awka, Chief Anyanwu who is in-charge of South South and Southeast said he was not alone in the struggle, noting that there were for equity and advanced developments

According to him, after so much calls on the past and present administrations to give governance a human face and its inability to harkened to their calls, they had no other option than to pulled out of the current equation and formed a new party which, he said, would take care of the yearnings and aspirations of all Nigerians.

‘Freedom and Justice Party was registered last year as a child of necessity. Maladministration forced us into registering this party. We want to chart a new course, we are tired of bad leadership. The status quo must be changed. We want to have Nigeria without tears. Nigeria where there is political, social, economic and religion freedom, justice for all and good governance.

‘Masses are suffering and we cannot continue to watch while things go awry. Some of us here at one time or the other held various positions. We are no longer at home with the Killings going on across the country. Lopsided appointments, abuse of rule of law, Unemployment, inflations and impoverishing the poor masses,’he said.

The national chairman said part of the measures the party employed to ensure there was a positive change was to declared the party’s nomination forms free for youths, people with disabilities and women across the federation, noting that the party had resolved to enthrone good leadership that would place Nigeria on the part of progress.

Anyanwu stated that they were touring the entire South South and Southeast’s states preaching and sensitizing people on the need to join the party, announcing that the party had so far received and registered over 1,000 members some of which, he said, had already purchased the party’s form to enable them vy for various position in the forthcoming 2019 general elections.

‘We have technocrats, core professionals, businessmen and women, artisans, medical personnel, lawyers and engineers as members. We need wealthy individuals with solid background that will sponsor themselves into elective positions. People who understand what leadership is all about. We want change the narrative.

‘Donald Trump singlehandedly sponsored himself. Nobody gave him a dime. We need people like Trump here,’ Anyanwu concluded.

Speaking on governance in Anambra State, Chief Anyanwu rated Governor Willie Obiano’s administration above average, emphasizing that he was impressed with what he saw on the ground, even as he urged him to maintain the tempo.

For his part, the state chairman of the party, Chief Arthur-Regis Odidika, said they were out to build a new Nigeria, noting that they would not relent in their onerous task of introducing new breed, visionary and God fearing leadership.

The chairman further said that the  party had 9points agenda which, he said, was to restructure Nigeria to true federation, to feature visionary leaders, youths and women in politics, tackle National insecurity, create massive employments, diversify the economy, develop the rurul areas, eradicate corruption and poverty, introduce free and qualitative education, develop technology and also provide basic infrastructures.

Chief Goddy Emeka Anyanwu, Deputy national chairman, Freedom and Justice Party and the state chairman of the party, Chief Arthur-Regis Odidika

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