Pioneer Graduates of St Augustine University Urged to Impact Positively on the Society

The pioneer graduates of St Augustine University, owned by the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos, have been called upon to go into the world and impact positively on the society, following their holistic formation in the context of Catholic values and virtues. The advice was given by the Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Most Rev. Rev. Alfred Adewale Martins at the first convocation ceremony of the institution held recently at its permanent campus in Ilara, Lagos State.

Archbishop Martins who is the proprietor of the University, while thanking the students and their parents for their trust and pioneering the institution declared: “Now that you have got the tools you need to launch into the deep waters of the world and leave your marks on the sand of time, we ask you to go with courage and determination, lock your focus on positive goals and create in you a disposition for hard work.”

Stressing the importance of hard work as an essential factor for success, the Archbishop reminded the 32 pioneer graduating students: “There is no viable alternative to hard work. There is no short cut to success; you have to go by the long route of hard work. As you graduate, you go into a country and a world that is at the same time full of opportunities as it is not very friendly to the young. If you take advantage of the opportunities and exert yourselves using your God-given talents and initiatives, we believe you will be able to surmount the challenges that the world of today throws in your paths.”

The University Proprietor continued: “If life throws a lemon at you, be imaginative enough to make lemonade out of it rather than complain and whine about not getting oranges. Do not be enticed into irregular and dangerous migration or drug abuse and never contemplate the cowardly way of suicide that some young people take in our world of today.”

Expressing hope for a better future for the university, Archbishop Martins acknowledged all who have contributed to the establishment of the university, especially Anthony Cardinal Okogie “who envisioned the project and set out the path for bringing it to reality”. He also commended the staff and students for their belief in their ability to achieve the day’s success together, describing the day’s ceremony as a testimony of faith in God and the collective collaboration of all involved in the emancipation of the institution and its sustenance since inception in 2015

The Archbishop declared: “We congratulate these pioneer graduates of AUI for blazing the trail and making this day the historical one that it is. We congratulate you for making yourselves available for formation and for setting a good standard of behaviour which has brought you to this day. We commend you for your perseverance and for the focus with which you spent your days in this institution. May the Lord make your future bright and happy.”