News Update

Philanthropist,Ozigbo, Extends Condolences to Bereaved Salvation Army Nigeria

By Ogochukwu Nwaokafor

A philanthropist and a Founder of the VCO Foundation, a leading Nigerian non-profit organization focusing on youth development, women empowerment, technology education, and international sports development, Valentine Ozigbo, has paid a heartfelt condolence visit to the Salvation Army Nigeria Territory in Lagos.

The visit was aimed at showing empathy for the recent tragic accident that claimed the lives of thirteen young officers and left five others critically injured. The visit was facilitated by Apostle Nnamdi Mbaigbo, Founder of the Tropical Gate Foundation for Sustainable Development.

During the visit, the Territorial Leaders Commissioner, Daniel Kasuso, expressed gratitude for Ozigbo’s visit, acknowledging what he described as the immense pain felt by the victims’ families and the organization.

Kasuso prayed for Ozigbo, wishing him empathy throughout his life’s journey for showing empathy to those in sorrow. The visit concluded with a blessing from the territorial leaders.

Ozigbo offered prayers for the departed officers and pledged to join the Salvation Army family in their upcoming special prayers towards the funeral services. Ozigbo was warmly welcomed by Territorial Leaders Commissioner, Kasuso, and Chief Secretary, Lt Col Christian Azubuike.

The visit concluded with a pronounced blessing by the Territorial Leaders, Commissioner, Kasuso and Chief Secretary, Lt Col Azubuike.

Other officers present were Major Ifeanyi Obi, Training Principal; Lieutenant Austin Ekpobo; Lieutenant Emeka Anozie; Major Eze, Territorial Property Secretary, Major Anumba, Territorial Youth Secretary, and others, also came out to show their appreciation for Ozigbo’s act of solidarity.