Peter Obi: Pride of Igbo Race

These must be good times for Anambra State. Not long ago, the state had cause to celebrate the emergence of the governor of the state, Willie Obiano, as the Silverbird Man of the Year. As he came out to receive the award, the people of the state must have felt some pride that the image of their state was being boosted. That was some time ago. Today, well-meaning people of Anambra State are also celebrating one of their foremost sons and a pride of the entire Igbo race, Peter Obi, immediate past governor of Anambra State. Just like last year, Obi was called upon to be one of the speakers at the Platform, a forum organised by Covenant Christian Centre, Iganmu, Lagos, where national issues are treated.
He was asked to speak on governance and cost saving, a field in which he more than distinguished himself through a combination of such factors as simplicity, fiscal discipline and common sense.
To say that Peter Obi acquitted himself tremendously well during his stint as governor is to say the obvious. But the intriguing thing is that even outside office, he still acquits himself well and has even earned more relevance in the national scheme of things. Thus, to say that he is the most visible ex-governor in Nigeria today is to state the biggest truth.
As governor, Obi brought governance to the doorsteps of the masses. There was nothing fake, ostentatious or abusive about his style of governance. He was focused on the job, knew what he came to do and how to do it. He wiped the faces of Anambra people who before him lived in the shame of being treated as a pariah state. He did this by keeping the wolves at bay and thus creating room for himself to do the serious business of governance. It was therefore little surprise that in leaving office, he bequeathed to the nation’s politics a lot of positive legacies.
Today, outside office, he has continued to lead the same simple and humble life and has carried himself so well that he is today being regarded as one of the best Igbo leaders, if not the best. Together with Senator Ike Ekweremadu, Obi is giving the Igbo Nation cause to smile and be proud that they have politicians who can be trusted at all times.
Obi has continued to invest in education at a time many of his peers are wont to stay in their comfort zones outside the country. He has continued to mix freely with the people back home and they are appreciative.
It is because of Obi’s qualities that he is today much sought after as a resource person across the country and there is no platform that has offered Nigerians a better opportunity to know the man, Obi, than the one provided by the Covenant Christian Centre.
Just like last year, Obi has again been wowing Nigerians with his in-depth knowledge of governance and has also been giving the country’s leaders useful tips on how to better the lot of the nation. Little wonder that the social media has been celebrating him and his speech, with many people even demanding that he be given the chance to rule the country.
We at Fides feel proud to be associated with the exemplary leadership and life of Peter Obi, whose worthy leadership was recognized by the Church which gave him a Papal honour immediately after he left office.
We urge Nigerian leaders to emulate Obi’s selfless, simple, honest and exemplary leadership style and we believe that doing that will give the country the kind of leadership she deserves but has hardly been getting.