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PDP Should Play Active Opposition, Create New Face – Azubogu

By Jude Atupulazi

A governorship aspirant on the platform of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, Engr Chris Azubogu, says for PDP to make it back to the seat of power in Awka, the party must not only play an active opposition but has to also create a new image for itself in the state.

Azubogu who represents Nnewi North and South in the House of Representatives, said the first thing the party must do would be to play an active opposition and follow it up by identifying the need of Anambrarians and the gap that they needed to fill.

‘The party should also find out the message for Anambrarians and find someone that fits the message. In politics, you won’t be devoid of perception; you must recreate a new image for PDP as a party that wants to come and build Anambra, do something better. And if that message is very clear to Anambrarians, they will want a face that will carry that message.

‘And that face must be identifiable to Anambrarians, must be well known to them; must have antecedent of what you’re trying to sell. Most Anambrarians want genuine development of Anambra State: they want a committed servant, a leader that will make sacrifices for them, a leader that will showcase and he has been part of the solution; not somebody that is alien to our challenges or somebody who wants to superimpose solutions to our state,’ Azubogu said.

He also insisted that such a new face of the party must showcase that he had been part of the current system.

In his words, ‘Why it is important for you to be part of the system to proffer solution is that you identify those who are, or those factors that have, causative effect and identify those who you can partner with in all sectors and critical stakeholders that are active. Identify them, know how their interest is in the state and now have to work with them.

‘So, these are the nitty-gritty. It’s not something you learn on the job. Governance is like driving, like piloting; you must have been on the board, acquire some major skills for you to be able to navigate. You must learn to drive smoothly in a particular terrain. When somebody has passed through a terrain, it makes the journey a lot easier.

‘Anybody can drive across a terrain but it’s important to be part of the system and that is why it is important for PDP to look for somebody who has been part of the process,’ Azubogu stressed.