PDP Aspirants May Reject Primary Election Result over Zoning

– Ozigbo, Maduka Say PDP’ll Lose if it Fields Candidate Outside South Zone

By Ikeugonna Eleke

There are indications that Anambra governorship aspirants of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) who hail from the southern senatorial zone may be planning to reject the result of the party’s primary election if an aspirant from any zone other than the south wins.

Fides learnt that 12 aspirants of the party who hail from the southern zone have met and insisted that the zoning formula of the state must apply, insisting it was the turn of their zone to produce a governor for the state.

The Anambra State PDP had earlier announced that its governorship forms were open for politicians from all parts of the state who wished to contest, refusing to restrict it to any zone.

But aspirants of the party, Mr Valentine Ozigbo and Dr Godwin Maduka in separate press conferences at the weekend, stated that PDP would be considered not to be part of the election if it fielded a candidate that was not from the zone.

Ozigbo in a press conference he addressed, said, ‘There is already a survey that has just been conducted by an Abuja based consulting firm, Eagle Badger, which was commissioned by a Washington DC based Non Governmental Organisation (NGO), Council on African¬† World Affairs, USA, which scored our chances high.

‘It is not for me because surveys that have been held favour me, whether there is zoning or not. But let me tell you; if PDP fields someone outside the southern zone, then there will not be PDP in the election.

‘All I know is that the next governor of this state will be from the south. Anyone that is not from the zone that is in the race may be doing so for another reason.

‘Of course you know that some people are contesting election to make money or for other reasons that are best known to them.

‘If someone outside the 12 of us from the zone wins the PDP primary election, what it simply means is that PDP is not in the race.’

Maduka in his own press conference said, ‘I’m not in the race because of zoning, but PDP has to field someone from the south if they have to win.

‘I know what I am losing by being here for the governorship race. If Anambra wants development, then they should vote for me. I’m a triple professor, a holder of four doctorate degrees, so you do not think I’m here to joke,’ Maduka said.

A source within the party said the 12 aspirants were working towards arm-twisting it into accepting to zone the ticket to the southern senatorial zone, just as other parties have done.

‘They will reject the primary election result if someone outside the 12 of them wins, and that would be the beginning of PDP’s trouble in the forthcoming election,’ the source said.

The party will on 26th June hold its governorship primaries for the 16 aspirants who picked its forms.