Pastor Forced to Marry Dead Girlfriend After he Drugged her Drink, Abortedher Pregnancy

By Sunny A Ijmoah

Information has reached us that recently, an horrible incident happened to a innocent lady identified as Success Chioma who was forcefully made to abort her pregnancy  by her boyfriend who had refused to accept the pregnancy for just no reason. And this careless incident led to her death.

The said boyfriend, Sunday Emeka who is a pastor has been in a relationship with Chioma for 5 years and has already made all their wedding preparations.

He got furious after she was adamant about not aborting the pregnancy. So he had invited her to his house, unknown to her he dropped a pill of an abortion drug in her drink.

Afterwards, according to reports, she was reported to be unconscious and he rushed her to the hospital where he asked the doctor to abort the pregnancy but the doctor refused, letting him know that it was against his practice and principles.

It was minutes later Chioma’s condition became worse after she started vomitting blood. The doctor advised the Pastor to transfer her to a Specialist Hospital.

Although, before the transfer could be made, she had died in the Hospital. Her family could only arrive to see her lying dead at the Hospital.

It didn’t only end there, the family forced the Pastor to marry Chioma before her funeral could commence.

In life, just know that any evil you do will always get back at you no matter what. I have a big question which is yet unanswered.

In another development, a man caught poisoning his friend’s drink was forced he to drink it, and he started vomiting blood after drinking.

An eye witness account revealed that the man began to throw up after being forced to consume his friend’s drink that he was allegedly caught poisoning.

The story had it that he put the poison in his coke.

The eye witness report revealed that both have been friend for more than 5 years before the incident occured.