Parents Must Leave Good Footsteps for their Children-Bishop Okoye

. . . As Fedpoly Oko, Sancta Maria Nibo, SACCI Agulu Mourn Fr Zoba’s Dad

By Chinecherem Efobi

The life and spirituality of your children is up to you and it is your responsibility as father and mother without any doubt”. The Auxiliary Bishop of Awka Diocese Most Rev Jonas Benson Okoye said this in his homily on Friday June 21, 2019, at the burial Mass of late Ichie Paul Anayochukwu Obinwata {Ezeani Chingo}, the father of Rev. Fr. Zoba Philip Obinwata at Holy Trinity Catholic Parish Obeledu. Fr Zoba is currently on mission in Mali.

“A good parent will always leave good footsteps for their children who will represent them tomorrow. If Mr Paul Obinwata was not a good man and worthy of emulation, his son probably wouldn’t have been a servant of God today” the bishop said. He used the story of Eli in the bible to illustrate his message. “There is this story of Eli in the Bible who was a servant of God and was serving God with all he had. But when he failed to do the necessities in his family, God withdrew his blessings and they perished. Hopefully this is a lesson to all of us who are the heads of families. When you fail to do what you are expected to in your family, you will surely regret it because you are spoiling the future of those who are following you” the prelate said.

Bishop Okoye concluded by consoling the grieving family and their relations and friends. He appreciated the family for giving Awka diocese a very good priest in the person of their son, Fr Zoba. He urged other families to always stay with the Lord at all times in whatever ways the Lord calls them.

Federal Polytechnic Oko, Sancta Maria primary school Nibo, St. Anthony’s Catholic Comprehensive Institute Agulu (SACCIA), were present to condole with their former Chaplain, manager and teacher Fr Zoba.

Commendation rites as the remains of Paul Obinwata lies in state
Students of St Augustine Catholic Chaplaincy of Federal Polytechnic Oko share a moment of solidarity with their former chaplain Fr Zoba

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