OurMumuDondo Movement Inaugurates Anambra Women’s Wing

By Jude Atupulazi

In furtherance of OurMumuDondo Movement’s determination to return political power to the rightful owners, the People, the Movement has inaugurated the Women’s Wing to carry the message of NaWeBeGovernment to millions of Women across Anambra State.
In a statement released to Fides, the State Coordinator of the Movement, Comrade Ndubuisi Anaenugwu, reminded the women that they were the real owners of government.

The State Coordinator told hundreds of women at the inauguration venue in Nkpor that the time had come when market women, housewives, traders, as well as women in different public and private offices should rise up to demand good governance, public accountability and be part of the electoral process.

He informed the women that political power was always determined by the women as they were in the majority and as such they should mobilize to retire all ‘the visionless, selfish and greedy politicians’ from playing wicked politics.

For her part, the newly inaugurated state women’s leader of OurMumuDondo Movement Ambassadors, Hon Ngozika Akaniru, said that active participation in politics as informed mothers would help to enthrone conscientious and God fearing leaders in order to achieve the kingdom of God on earth where human beings would enjoy peace, harmonious co-existence, respect to life and property, religious tolerance, equality before the law, transparency, accountability, zero corruption and administrative efficiency.

She promised to mobilize women in Anambra State to meet OurMumuDondo Movement’s expectations.The Ag regional women’s leader, Mrs Swenny Onyenze, charged the newly inaugurated executive to take over their rightful position in the political struggle in line with God’s expectation from women.

The event witnessed scholarship awards to five women up to university level from Dr Isaac Ankomah, a director at Crystal Galaxy University College, Ghana.
Many important personalities graced the occasion, including Prof Justice Chidi, Evang Theo Ray Ejikeme, among others.

Charles Oputa, founder of the movement, who spoke to the women through telephone, was duly represented by the State Coordinator, Comrade Ndubuisi Anaenugwu.
The event ended on a happy note with the women marching along Nkpor Old Road through Nkpor Round About, to announce the beginning of a new political era where ‘Women ”mumu” don expire’.

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