‘Our Journey from NYSC To DYDX’

By Adejumoke Alebiosu

Fresh from National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), two young Nigerian creatives: Adedayo and Aduragbemi have floated an entertainment outfit, DYDX that offers solutions to problems faced by entertainers in the industry. They speak with SEGUN ADEBAYO about their plans.

What exactly is DYDX about?

DYDX is many things, but primarily a solution-driven platform geared towards serving creatives through the use of technology. We call it a solution driven platform because it is all encompassing. We provide solutions to a wide range of problems such as digital monetisation issues like royalties’ calculations, royalties, audits, valuation of intellectual property works, publishing administration etc. We are here to serve and ensure our creatives get what is due to them.

What do you have in store for new creatives trying to break into the market?

As a new creative breaking into the sector, it is very easy to get overwhelmed. There are many things required to be done right from the onset, and if not done properly they would have an effect on your career subsequently. This is where DYDX comes in, we seek to serve as an on boarding platform for creatives, new to the industry, creatives who have little to no knowledge about the mechanics of being a brand, because as a creative you have to set yourself aside from your art, your art is a business and has to be managed like one

Why do you think creatives should trust you with their career knowing that you are just coming into the industry?

This is a very valid question and I’m glad you asked. As a brand or business your largest asset is not in your market capital or equity position, rather it is your goodwill. If the quality of your work is up to par, all other things would fall into place.

Thus, my point is that we didn’t start DYDX to focus on making money for ourselves, instead, our primary goal is to ensure new/already established creatives scale further and maximize earnings. When the quality of your work speaks for itself, all other things would fall into place.

Is DYDX targeted at only established creative in the industry?

Not at all. One of the numerous goals of DYDX is to cater for every creative, at all levels. We aim to serve as an on boarding platform to our proposed clients. A platform that not only assists the creative in decision making but also takes the creative through the ropes of the industry, (which is a very special sector) to the peak and maintaining the position without diminishing.

What motivated the idea behind DYDX?

The idea was actually coined some few years back when we realized there was a gap in the market that needed to be filled, but we decided to wait it out till after right after our NYSC  and observe the situation further. The general drive behind floating it is due to our exposure and daily interaction with creatives.

We have been able to understand and conclude that there are problems they face which affect the quality of content they put out, and no one is focused on helping these creatives solve these problems, well at least not efficiently. Thus, we have come up with a fast and sustainable solution, not just through legal services but also business services. A lot of work has already been done legally, but now we are here to offer more with DYDX, “a general solution formula”.

What puts DYDX in a position to serve creative?

DYDX has been able to strike partnerships with renowned brands and individuals to be able to deliver value to creatives. DYDX partners with Whitestone Solicitors chaired by one of the best entertainment lawyers in the country, Temitope Salami. This partnership improves the level of clientele available to us and the degree of services we can render to creatives.

We also have viable partnerships with other entertainment firms across the globe and this also provides a wide range of opportunities for the creatives we represent. We are here to build an eco-system that not only serves Nigerian creatives, but the world at large. We are also currently registered in Canada and the UK, with key strategic partnerships with very big creative companies, whose names would remain undisclosed for now. Experience is the best friend of wisdom and luckily, we have both on our side.