Orsumoghu Development Union Holds 2019 AGM

. . Signs New Constitution into Law

By Uche Amunike

The problem of Power which has been a serious problem for ages in the hilly town of Orsumoghu in Ihiala Local Government Area, Anambra state will, in a short time, be a thing of the past as the federal government has not only promised to restore power back to the town, but has commenced work on the project being handled by the Nigerian National Integrated Power Project (NNIPP), to see to the implementation of this initiative, while giving a time frame of its completion to fall before Christmas time.

This was made known by the President General of Orsumoghu, Chief Chika Muomife, during his opening remarks at the Annual General Meeting of the town held on the 21st of November 2019 at the Orsumoghu Town Hall in the town.

Speaking during the meeting, Chief Muomife informed the general assembly that the Obiano administration had granted Orsumoghu the N20m given to all communities in Anambra to build their towns on two counts and that they had just received the third N20m for restoring power to Orsumoghu, but that since the federal government had commenced the power project, the N20m would be used to carry out an entirely different project, even as he informed the house that his regime had saved N4m for the town union, thus bringing their total money at hand to N24m.

Suggestions were made as to what project the town was to use the N24m for. Even though lots of suggestions were made, the house eventually concluded that the money be used to build a standard Heath Center in the community.

The issue of security in the town was squarely addressed as the problem of transformer vandalization was discussed. Ways of ensuring that the transformers which will become functional this yuletide needed to be protected from being tampered with, gave rise to the need to equip the local vigilante properly so that they would carry out their tasks with zeal and motivation as past experiences had shown that the transformers were tampered with, by indigenes. The general assembly agreed that indigenes of Orsumoghu would see to the financial upkeep of the security men, especially as the federal government Agency had commenced the project of restoring power in the town. The PG averred that if they were properly paid, their duty of apprehending criminals would be done with more vigour, assuring that vigilante security men will be mounted at the new transformers and that any apprehended criminal caught henceforth will be jailed.

Highlights of the Annual General Meeting included the first and second reading of the amended constitution of the ODU. Members listened with rapt attention as the constitution was read out by the Secretary of the Constitution Review Committee, Barrister Jude Oguejiofor among the points raised after the reading was the issue of the incumbent executive doing a single tenure or if they would go a second time. Matters in the constitution raised by members were amended and eventually, votes were cast to sign the document into law.

On the third day, the constitution was signed into law as 120 people, out of the 122 people present at the meeting voted in favour of it being the new constitution of Orsumoghu Development union.

Members who spoke extensively about the progress that the town had witnessed during the tenure of Muomife and passed a vote of confidence on him were several, while reeling out some of his major achievements which included building of a magistrate court, an international market, a police station and now, the federal government presence in the town which will restore power in Orsumoghu once again after so many years. As a matter of fact, the foundation of the high court project has just been laid, with deadline for completion being March next year.

Speaking to Fides, the PG, Chief Chika Muomife expressed his elation at the success of the meeting and thanked his kinsmen for their cooperation in helping his administration bring progress to the town. He was happy that the new law that will explain how the selection of Igwe Orsumoghu would play out was enshrined in the new constitution as well as provision for the formation of a Board of Trustees and as well, the Orsumoghu Vigilante Services. His words: My greatest challenge as PG in my town is that of trying to make everyone feel happy and feel the impact of my tenure. My greatest achievement as PG is that I have written my name and I know that posterity will judge me for all I have done for the town. In my second tenure, I intend to consolidate on all I have done.’