Letter from the Vice-Chancellor, Veritas University to Our Parents and Guardians

IntroductionSome of you may recall that the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria, the Proprietors of Veritas University appointed me as the Vic ...

Aug 14, 2019

Fides Kitchen - Meat balls and spaghetti Bolognese

By Chioma Nnagbo For some weeks now, we have learnt how to prepare spaghetti and also how to prepare meatball. Do ...

Aug 12, 2019

Devotion to Our Lady Of Sorrows

By Michael Ogunu At the Cross her station keeping, Stood the mournful Mother weeping, Close to Jesus to the last. ...

Aug 07, 2019

Brexit and the Triumph of Boris Johnson

By Nze Nwabueze Akabogu The historic victory of the flamboyant and charismatic Boris Johnson as the new British Pr ...

Aug 06, 2019


By Chioma Nnagbo In this month of August, we shall be preparing dishes with beef. And so this week, we will be lea ...

Aug 05, 2019

The Role of Management in the Achievement of National Goals: Obstacles to Plan Implementation IV

Keynote Address Delivered at the Inaugural National Conference of the Academy of Management, Nigeria, Holding in Rockview Hotel, Abuja on November 23rd, 2005. ...

Jul 31, 2019

Broken (A Story of Trust, Forgiveness and Redemption)

By Chukwuemerie Udekwe Imagine a war against villains. A war against Thanos, Night King and Pilgrim. Fighting against them in an en ...

Jul 30, 2019

Is Nigeria Going! Going! Gone?

By Nwabueze Akabogu The current alarming insecurity situation coupled with the multifarious socio-economic cum pol ...

Jul 29, 2019

Our Report Card - Women's Affairs Commissioner

By Jude Atupulazi Lady Ndidi Mezue, Anambra State Commissioner for Women's and Children's Affairs, has been a ...

Jul 24, 2019

Fighting Terrorism, Insurgency, Political And Religious Violence

. . . Focus of All World Leaders By Livinus Nnebedum Politic ...

Jul 23, 2019



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