The Beauty of Ibadan

By Paschal Chisom Obi I grew up in the Eastern part of Nigeria. In our Macmillan English text book then were pictu ...

Nov 20, 2018

Fides Kitchen - YAM BALLS

By Chioma Nnagbo Still on our yam series: this week I am going to teach you how to make a hard but wonderful way of cooking yam (remember nothi ...

Nov 20, 2018

Imitating the Virtues of the Blessed Virgin Mary

By Michael Ogunu The Blessed Virgin Mary, Immaculate Mother of God, was endowed with all virtues. Unable to enumer ...

Nov 20, 2018

Raising Chaste (pure) Teens in the Age of Sexual Permissiveness: The Indispensable Role of Women (Part III)

(continued from the last edition) We continue in this edition with the meaning of Chastity and its importance in the lives ...

Nov 16, 2018

Fides Kitchen - Yam Piccata

By Chioma Nnagbo Welcome to the second week of November, still on with our yam series edition. This week, I will be te ...

Nov 14, 2018

How Catholic Men And Women Can Be Carriers of Living Water to a World That Thirsts for Peace

By Michael Ogunu Introduction: In this article, I shall define the concept of “Living Water ...

Nov 14, 2018

Executive Narrative Of Terrorism In Nigeria

By Cornelius Afebu Omonokhua On September 26, 2018, Guardian online reported that President Buhari, in a statement ...

Nov 14, 2018

Raising Chaste (pure) Teens in the Age of Sexual Permissiveness: The Indispensable Role of Women (Part II)

By Sr. M. Rosanna Emenusiobi We are continuing with the survey of the present-day distortion of ...

Nov 09, 2018

CATHOLIC EDUCATION IN NIGERIA: Challenges of Child Protection and Human Sexuality

Resolutions at the End of the Third National Catholic Education Summit held at the CSN Resource Centre, Durumi, Abuja(October 15 – 18, 2018) ...

Nov 09, 2018

The Great Benefits of Frequent Devout Participation in the Celebration of Holy Mass

By Prof. Michael Ogunu The second Vatican Council teaches, “At the Last Supper, the night in which he was be ...

Nov 08, 2018



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