Onitsha Residents Bemoan Negligence of Environmental Health at Bridge Head Onitsha

Environmental Health Officers have been called upon to urgently evacuate a corpse of a young man laying at bridge head Onitsha since four days ago.

An eye witness told our correspondent that the young boy has wounds all over his body allegedly to be attacked with weapons three night ago by evil men.

Our source said that the case has been reported to Onitsha South Local Government Area but has not received any attention.

Our correspondent gathered that the Environmental Health workers have not been displaying professionalism as there was a similar case recently where by a corpse of a young man was abandoned at Onitsha/Asaba Park, Onitsha for three weeks before it was evacuated.

An eye witness said that the corpse decayed and polluted the environment before it was taken away.

At the time of filing this report, people around bridge head were calling the government to come and remove the corpse.

An eye witness said that Onitsha residents have been complaining of how dangerous the city is especially in the night.