Okeke-Ogene,Urges National Assembly To Uphold Electronic Transmission Of Election Results

By Sunny A Ijomah

The National Assembly has been urged to take a second look at the issue of electronic transmission of election results to meet the expectations of Nigerians.

Speaking in Awka, the Vice President of Ohaneze Ndigbo Worldwide, Chief Damian Okeke-Ogene said the lawmakers should be guided by the needs and aspirations of the people they represent in their decisions on National issues.

He noted that INEC meant well for the country by proposing migration to electronic transmission of election results in line with global best practices and wondered why some lawmakers should block the initiative when other sectors like education and finance have successfully keyed into the practice.

Chief Okeke-Ogene explained that if well implemented electronic transmission of result will help tackle challenges of electoral fraud including manipulation of figures and ballot box snatching as well as reduce level of human errors, cost and waste of materials.

According to the Vice President, electronic transmission of election results will also promote transparency and integrity of the electoral process which will accelerate growth and advancement of Democratic culture and structure in Nigeria.

He stressed that independence of the legislature should not be compromised because of political party leanings or external pressure.

On Anambra Governorship election, Chief Okeke-Ogene urged the political class not to overheat the polity and express worry over increasing show of desperation by some politicians, warning that waste of huge resources on litigation and counter litigation is not in the best interest of the State.

The Vice President said Anambra State would not accept any attempt to undermine the will and aspirations of the people and urged all stakeholders to uphold the Electoral Act and Constitution of the county.