Gift Opens Doors, Destroys; Rev Udochukwu Okeke Urges Faithful to be Guided

Mar 06, 2019

By Odogwu Emeka Odogwu

An Anglican clergy, Reverend Udochukwu Jeff Okeke, has cautioned Christians on the dangers of receiving gifts from wrong persons, insisting that gifts can either mar or make anyone depending on who the giver is.

Reverend Udochukwu who spoke on the theme, ''God's healing power'', at the Church of the Holy Spirit, Awka, inside Paul University, Awka, pointed out that good gifts from good hearts opened doors, whereas gifts given with wrong intentions led one to doom.

He warned ladies, particularly young girls, of receiving such ill-intended gifts, as well as gifts from strange people, to avoid falling prey to scammers and rapists in borrowed gowns.

The Church of Holy Spirit, Awka Priest Assistant however noted that one's gift opened doors for him or her like the Shunamite woman who gave gifts to Elisha which opened doors for a male child for her after years of waiting in vain.

He described God's healing as permanent, even as he x-rayed the two types of healing that existed, including medical healing and divine healing, of which he urged everyone to seek for God's healing at all times.

'If God did not settle your case, no man can. God's healing adds no pains and sorrows. With God, no time is late. Run away from destiny destroyers and embrace destiny helpers. Some women are destiny destroyers. Some men too. God is the greatest physician,' he said,
urging Christians to always stay with God, no matter the vicissitudes of life, as, according to him, His umbrella remained the best remedy for life's challenges.



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