Bishop Condemns 58th Anniversary Christian, Muslim Services, Says It's Too Cosmetic

Oct 11, 2018

By Odogwu Emeka Odogwu

The Bishop of Okigwe South, Anglican Communion, Rt. Rev. David Onuoha, has said that the traditional Christian thanksgiving and Muslim Jumaat services that were regular features of Independence anniversary are obviously too cosmetic to attract God's attention.

Bishop Onuoha however said the 58th anniversary of Nigeria should be used for sober reflections and repentance, to move the nation forward.

Onuoha enjoined Nigerians to praise God for His grace, love and faithfulness which, he said, had sustained the nation.

'The unchecked wasting of innocent blood which has increased in frequency, the deep seated division along ethnic and religious lines, the growing level of impunity that is now a culture in our public life, the emergence of pseudo morality that evades and denies reality. The nefarious effects of false spirituality occasioned by mercantile religion, the growing pain, suffering, and hardship which Nigerians have had to bear on a daily basis.

'The present reality of some public officers appropriating the commonwealth of the people to themselves and their families without any twig of compunction, are indicative of a mortal sickness,' he said,

He said that instead of the usual parades, parties and banquets that tended to encourage the status quo, the leaders, like the king of Nineveh, should lead Nigerians to seek the face of God through repentance and confession of their multitude of sins that it may be well with us,' he said.

According to him, the step was necessary in order to heal the festering wounds that Nigerians lived with, and also bring the country to the path of which the blessings of God remained with the people.



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