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Obiano, Hale and Hearty, COS Too – Aide Debunks COVID Scare in Govt House

By Jude Atupulazi

A media aide to the Chief of Staff of the Anambra State Governor, Mr Primus Odili, has debunked rumours that the Governor, Willie Obiano, his wife, and some top government officials, including the Chief of Staff, had been infected with coronavirus.

The media aide, Juventus Okoli, described the allegation as mischievous and an attempt at cheap blackmail.

An online source had reported that government officials had been infected with COVID-19 through the wife of the Chief of Staff to the governor, Chief Primus Odili, who recently returned from the United States.

Those infected by the disease, according to the report, were the state governor, his wife, Ebelechukwu, and other top government officials.

Part of the statement by the media aide read in part, ‘This is certainly the season of trash and cheap blackmail against perceived opponents, with the majority of them not worthy of any response.

‘However, the recent viral post that there has been a coronavirus scare in the government house is not only infantile but the height of mischief, obviously driven by envy and jealousy.

‘For the records, there’s no such scare in government house; least of all, it’s being triggered by the wife of the COS. The Governor is 100% fine and going about his administrative duties diligently, while observing the world recommended wearing of face mask, sanitizing and social distancing protocols.

‘The post is, therefore, part of the evil machinations of those, who, for reasons best known to them, are envious and jealous of the young man, Primus, his track records and his wife, whose only offence is that she visits her husband from time to time from America.’

The aide assured that Primus and wife were hale and hearty and that the wife was safely back in the United States and doing her work, while the governor was safely doing his work in Anambra.

He said, ‘Primus is a self-made man who had had a very successful stint abroad, long before accepting to come and serve his people here.

‘He has been successfully and meritoriously doing his job to the satisfaction of his principal, the governor. It has always been the case and will remain the case.

‘It is therefore strange that he’s become the target of those looking for cheap publicity and who are envious of his achievements.

‘The field is open and wide enough for anyone to play his game without overlapping into another’s part of the pitch.

‘The recent viral post, though infantile, is nevertheless in bad faith; thus this response.’

Okoli remarked that the people had become wiser and knew when something was done to spite others.

‘This latest kite, like others before it, will simply not fly. Rather than spite those who worked hard and legitimately to attain their current positions, those behind such attacks should equally work hard to succeed in life. You don’t grow by pulling others down,’ he said.