Obiano Assures Rural Communities of Power Supply

By Jude Atupulazi

The Governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano has restated the commitment of his administration towards extending electric power to rural communities in the state and ensuring that the state enjoys stable power in the near future.

Anambra State Commissioner for Public Utility, Engr. Emeka Ezenwanne, during the second edition of “Meet the Media”.

This was revealed last Tuesday in Awka by the Commissioner for Public Utility, Engr. Emeka Ezenwanne, during the second edition of “Meet the Media”, an interactive expository of the Obiano Administration, organized by the governor’s media team to provide an insight into the governor’s achievements in the state.

Speaking at the meeting, Ezenwanne revealed that the Obiano Administration had embarked on transformational projects in rural electrification. According to him, there were some communities that had never seen electricity since existence but the Governor had taken electricity to them.

‘The transmission line from Otuocha Junction to Eziagulu-Out, through Enugu-Otu to Mkpunando has been completed and commissioned recently. These are communities that have never seen electricity all their lives. I became emotional when I saw the joy of the people as the hitherto dark villages became illuminated by bright lights,’ he said.

Continuing, the commissioner said that the Governor had donated no less than 700 transformers to communities in the state to support the distribution of power, noting that the Governor had earlier extended 33kv line from Oji River in Enugu State to Orumba North and South.

‘This singular project, took power to about 31 communities in Anambra state and even to some communities in Abia State. It is on record that these communities in Abia State sent a delegation to Anambra State to express their gratitude to Gov Obiano,’ he said.

‘It is clear that there’s need for stable and steady power in an industrial and commercial state like Anambra. Undoubtedly, power is germane to the advancement of any economy and Gov Obiano understands that it is the singular catalyst for his vision for a modern, industrialized and economically stable state. For this reason, he has embarked on very impactful and life changing projects,’ the commissioner stated.

He also disclosed that the Governor extended another 33 Kva line from Agu-Awka substation to Anambra North Senatorial District and created what he call the Nnewi feeder-two from Awada injection substation to Nnewi, which, he said, was serving about 21 communities, using the Nnewi feeder.

‘These efforts, along with a recent MoU signed with the Transmission Company of Nigeria to build a massive transmission and power generating infrastructure in Anambra State, are aimed at improving power in the state,’ he further disclosed

Providing further details, Ezenwanne said the project would include a 2×60 MVA transmission substation in Onitsha, Nnewi, Ifitedunu, Umuchu and Aguleri, while government would also build a 2×150 MVA transmission substation in Awka.

‘The idea is to connect the substations, when completed, with the existing 132 Kv line, to build a power ring round the state. This will provide adequate power needed to drive SMEs, cottage and large industries and technology hubs in the state.

‘The impact of this project will push Anambra State to compete with first world economies in technology and digital development. Indeed, Anambra is a haven for real estate and industrialization because of the secure and enabling environment established by Gov Willie Obiano but there’s still a power gap. This is why the Governor is doing everything to bridge that gap with this ongoing project,’ he concluded.

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