Obi Hale and Hearty – Aide

. . Debunks Rumours of Heart Attack

Contrary to the rumour mills which had it that the immediate past Governor of Anambra State, Mr Peter Obi, had suffered a heart attack, the former governor is hale and hearty, going about his normal business which included appearing at the Presidential Petition Tribunal in Abuja last Wednesday, as well as paying visits to the Catholic Owned Visitation Hospital, Umuchu, and the Anglican Diocesan Hospital in Umunze, last Friday, where he donated N1 million to each of them. These are part of the 50 hospitals across the country chosen by the former governor to render support to, Jude Atupulazi reports.

According to Mr Val Obienyem, media adviser to Obi, who was the Vice Presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, in the last general elections, Obi had only visited a hospital in Onitsha after feeling a little feverish, before he resumed his normal daily schedule.
That, according to Obienyem, was what he posted on social media which however, got twisted in some quarters, leading to the false rumours of a heart attack.

But responding to the rumours, Obienyem, who regretted what he called the twisted report that his principal suffered a heart attack, said that anybody capable of coming out with such ‘a wicked and twisted lie’ could as well be wishing Obi dead.

‘But the sooner they realize that God is the creator and custodian of all lives, the better for them,’ Obienyem stated, even as he maintained that Obi did not suffer a heart attack or any debilitating illness.

His words, ‘He felt a bit feverish, which is one of the pangs of humanity; visited a hospital in Anambra State and that is all. Mr. Peter Obi is hale and hearty.

‘Though the reactions of many is that the wish of those liars for Obi should visit them, Obi’s position is that we should continue praying for the harbingers of such wicked news to realize that life belongs to God. He encourages Wealthy Nigerians to remember the sick and extend our hands of love to them always.’

Further recalling what actually transpired, Obienyem stated thus, ‘Yesterday (Monday) when I left his house at 9pm, he complained of being a little feverish. Today, on entering the house at 7:30 am (his routine had not changed significantly), I was informed that he went to Queen of the Rosary Hospital, Waterside, Onitsha. Very soon he was back. I learnt he went to the hospital, saw a doctor and had samples taken for tests. As usual, he went straight to work, even when I suspected that doctor might have advised bed rest. We were at work till the departure to Lagos in the afternoon.

‘Like every human being, he gets sick. But what struck me this afternoon was that one of his friends that visited him, who also learnt that he visited the hospital, argued so vehemently that for a person like him, any sign of discomfort should see him go to the UK for good care. I watched in amusement when Mr. Peter Obi disagreed with him by telling him that the urge to travel was because our leaders neglected the health sector.

‘In Obi’s words: ”There are many hospitals I can confidently visit whenever I’m in Anambra State. I can visit Odumegwu-Ojukwu Teaching Hospital at Awka. We got it accredited. I can visit the General Hospital at Onitsha. We also got it accredited. Know it today that Peter Obi can visit Our Lady of Lourdes, Ihiala; Queen of Rosary, Onitsha; Borromeo, Onitsha; St. Joseph, Adazi-Ani; Diocesan Hospital, Amichi. Why do I say so? I know the resources our Government committed to these hospitals and I can attest to the level of their improvement before we left office. If leaders sustain such efforts, in 20 years, nobody should be talking of medical tourism. I went to Waterside and received fantastic treatment. I spent not up to 1/30th of what I would have spent if I travelled.

”Remember to add the flight ticket and other expenses. This is exactly my argument when we started supporting mission hospitals – these hospitals are in Anambra State and primarily treat people from the state”. ‘

Obienyem therefore advised people against spreading malicious rumours against leaders but should rather pray for them.