Obi Encourages Teachers to Remain Committed to Nation Building   

. . . Says No True National Development without Them

By Jude Atupulazi

The Labour Party’s Presidential Candidate, Mr. Peter Obi, has urged all educators in Nigeria to stay dedicated to the cause of nation-building. He emphasized the importance of carrying out their responsibilities diligently and setting positive examples for both their students and society as a whole. Obi emphasized that genuine societal development hinged on the invaluable contributions made by teachers.

Obi delivered this message on World Teachers’ Day 2023, emphasizing that the bedrock of any society’s development lay in human capital development, a goal attainable solely through education and what he described as the invaluable contributions of teachers.

The immense dedication, hard work, patience, and commitment displayed by many teachers across various schools and institutions; particularly at the foundational level, in their efforts to shape their students into knowledgeable and virtuous individuals, merits commendation.

Expanding on his point, Obi disclosed that during his tenure in Anambra State, his Administration would not have accomplished the numerous successes in the education sector without the unwavering dedication and commitment of the state’s teachers.

He stressed the urgency of revolutionizing education nationwide by actively addressing the issue of 22 million out-of-school children, emphasizing the need for increased investment in education and the recruitment of more teachers to achieve this vital goal.

‘I consistently express my appreciation for and celebrate teachers in Nigeria whenever the opportunity arises. Let’s consider Mr. Akeem Badru, who received the prestigious 2023 Cambridge Dedicated Teacher Award. My strong belief is that the government should make it a priority to honour Nigerian teachers who have, through their steadfastness, dedication and hard work, demonstrated outstanding excellence in diverse ways. It’s time to redirect our focus from celebrating individuals who contribute to the challenges our nation faces,’ he said.

Obi further called on the government to treat teachers’ salaries with utmost importance and ensure timely disbursement. Emphasizing the critical nature of basic education, he urged governments at all levels to step in and guarantee that teachers in private and voluntary schools received compensation at par with their counterparts in public schools.

Finally, Obi urged the teachers to stay steadfast and patient amidst the prevailing hardships in the state, while maintaining hope for a brighter future in a New Nigeria.