Nov 18: Why We Must Vote Wisely

On November 18, barely two weeks from now, the people of Anambra State will troop out to elect who will preside over their affairs at Government House, Awka. They will decide whether to continue with incumbent governor, Willie Obiano, or to place their fate in another man for the next four years.
Elections are a vital part of democracy as they afford the electorate the chance to indirectly determine their future. It then presupposes that a good choice will work for the collective interest of the people, while a bad one will not augur well for the state.
But one worrying aspect of this period is the attempt by concerned parties to either pull a fast one over the electorate by hijacking their mandate, or trying to materially induce them in order to buy their conscience.
This has always resulted in the emergence of bad leaders whose allegiance to the people is always questionable.
This is yet another period of electioneering when politicians are desperately wooing the electorate with all manner of promises. Being that our people do not always learn from history, it becomes necessary to at this juncture enlighten them on why they should shun material gains and vote according to their consciences.
Good enough, there is a sizable number of candidates contesting for the plum position and this presents the electorate ample opportunity to make a good choice.
While we are not duty bound to endorse any candidate or tell the electorate who to support, we can at least guide them in making the right choices. In deciding who to vote for, therefore, the electorate are advised to check the track records of their candidates and weigh them against others before choosing who to vote for.
The electorate should guard against being influenced by emergency philanthropists or those who suddenly show concern for their welfare. Whether incumbent or challenger, the electorate are advised to thoroughly assess them based on what has been done and what is being promised, as well as the feasibility of such.
We indeed encourage the electorate to vote based on individual consideration, not party, as that is the template used in the civilised world. Any mistake made now will bounce back on the people who will have to bear the pains for another four years. The electorate should therefore vote based on personal conviction, not based on the persuasions of any person, group, or whatever.
The golden chance for the people to exercise their power is here. They should seize it.