DOSAD Sports is undertaking a compilation of the sports greats across the 177 towns of Anambra State. It includes those who had/have active stints in sports as athlete, official and/or administrator.

The first book “Anambra Sports Promoters” aims at chronicling all those who have sponsored sports in any way for their community (ies) or put up any sport infrastructure or equipment. The second book “Anambra Sports Heroes” digs up athletes, officials and administrators from Anambra, who have distinguished themselves at the state, national or international level in sports. This venture is aimed at setting a trail blazer by appreciating investment in sports and motivation to commit more to sports development. Another motif of this work is to initiate a historical substratum for posterity in terms of documentation and research.

WHAT TO DO: Those concerned are required to send us their data & pictures: names, village, town, work, qualifications, successes recorded as athlete, sponsor, organizer, official etc. to on or before October 1st 2016 or contact DOSAD Sports & Recreation at 08034307585 or submit to/post to DOSAD  Office, Fides Complex, Nodu Okpuno, P.O.Box 242 Awka, Awka South L.G.A. Anambra State.

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