Nobody Should Receive Holy Communion In Ignorance –Bishop Adaji Warns

The Catholic Bishop of Idah Diocese, Most Rev. Anthony Ademu Adaji, in his emphasis on the indispensable powers of the Eucharist, has maintained that nobody should be given the Holy Communion who does not understand the Eucharist.

Buttressing this point further, Bishop Adaji emphasized on the need for adequate preparation and composure before the reception of the Eucharist.

In a message to all the Catholic faithful of Idah Diocese, made available to the Media Office of the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria, Abuja, Bishop Adaji stated that: “The person who receives a large part has not received no more of Christ than the one that receives a particle; similarly, he or she who commits sacrilege with a particle commits the same offence with one who commits a sacrilege with a large part. The size of the host does not determine his presence, for Christ is present in both large and tiny piece.”

He finally encouraged all priests to take as a matter of utmost priority authentic profession of faith in the Eucharist, authentic propagation of faith in the Eucharist and authentic practice of faith in the Eucharist.

Any display of lack of faith in the Eucharist, either in words or gestures, actions and inactions are highly prohibited and unpardonable.