No Discord between Anambra Revenue Collectors, Nwabuikwu Clarifies

By Ogochukwu Nwaokafor

Bigly Oil and Gas Ltd has strongly refuted the recent report on the social media about a conflict with the Anambra Internal Revenue Services (AIRS).

Speaking at a press conference held recently, the Operations Manager, Mr Chukwuma Nwabuikwu, dismissed the claims that there were disputes between Bigly Oil and Gas and the revenue department. Affirming the report as misinformation aimed at tarnishing the positive relationship between the two organizations, he urged the public to disregard it as false allegations.

‘There are no disputes between Bigly Group and AIRS. These rumors are the result of malicious intent by troublemakers seeking to disrupt public peace,’ Nwabuikwu, stated.

He clarified the nature of their partnership, explaining that Bigly Oil and Gas was working closely with AIRS to collect taxes on behalf of the Anambra State Government. He said their operations were categorized into Upstream, which focuses on vehicles passing through the state, and Downstream, which aims to collect taxes from businesses at marketplaces and parks within the state.

Nwabuikwu emphasized that field officers were instructed not to resort to force or violence in their duties and that drinking or smoking on the job was strictly prohibited. Instead, he said, their responsibilities included using signage to signal drivers, establishing revenue hubs with trained graduates to account for collected taxes, and ensuring seamless accountability.

Highlighting the purpose behind what he described as their service-oriented company, Nwabuikwu said that Governor Soludo’s vision was to engage Anambra’s Youth effectively and transition to a digital format for revenue collection, eliminating illegal tax collection.

‘They aim to reintegrate agberos (street touts) into the system after rehabilitation and retraining.

‘Our programme officially commenced on September 26 after comprehensive in-house training, with over 300 Anambra youths being inducted,’ he revealed.

Attending to questions from Journalists on security, he said that to distinguish their officials on assignment, their T-shirts, face caps were branded, while they carried customized identity cards embedded with microchips.

Nwabuikwu reiterated that there was no conflict between Bigly Group and AIRS, adding that those rumors were an attempt to tarnish the company’s reputation. He called on Ndi Anambra to support the government’s efforts in creating a prosperous and livable society.