Nigeria’s Situation Calls for Prayers — Bishop

By Sunny A Ijomah

Bishop of the Diocese of Egba, Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, Bishop Emmanuel Adekunle, has called for prayers for peace and prosperity over its insecurity, and fuel scarcity among other challenges in the country.

He lamented the recurrence of Fulani/herders clashes, kidnapping, human trafficking, ritual killings and political assassinations in the country.

Bishop Adekunle said this while speaking at the opening ceremony of the 16th Synod of the Diocese held in Abeokuta, Ogun State capital with the theme, “Discipleship, Apostleship and Stewardship stay of Life of a True Christian.”

He said, The country has continued to suffer under the bane of insecurity, Naira swap fuel scarcity and no means of energy.

‘Various acts of insecurity in the Nation have gradually turned to be the norm and there has not been any change in any of these problems: the Fulani/Herders infraction all over the country, abduction, kidnapping and human trafficking, heinous ritual killing and human sacrifice, hires assassins are part of the political game, everybody is in the fear of the unknown.

The situation is worrisome, and we call on the government to do more to address these challenges and ensure the safety of Nigerians.

‘We also urge citizens to remain vigilant and cooperate with security agencies in the fight against crime.’

While calling on Nigerians to pray for the country, the Clergyman said Nigeria’s image is marred by corruption, a downturn in the economy, and the collapse of infrastructures.

According to Bishop Adekunle, the acts have led to the ‘japa’ syndrome, with many of the best brains leaving for greener pastures abroad.

The Bishop said, Nigeria’s image in the Nation is marred: the country is being buffeted by corruption, a downturn in the economy, collapse of infrastructures, and these have caused the spate of the japa syndrome.

‘Some of the best brains in the country, especially among our youth, are on the run for greener pastures and safety in other countries in Europe, Asia and America.

‘All we could do is to continue to pray for Nigeria for the country not to go down into shambles. May 29, 2023, remains a vital prayer point on our list. May God help us as a people and grant us peace and prosperity again in our time and Nation.’

Declaring the Synod open, the Paramount ruler of Egbaland, Oba Michael Gbadebo, lamented the high level of self-deception in the church.

Oba Gbadebo, however, urged the Christian faithful to live their lives as true Christians as emphasised in the theme of the synod.