Nigeria’s Problems Beyond 70-Yr-Old President – Prof. Imumolen Says

By Sunny A Ijomah

Accord Party Presidential flagbearer, Prof. Chris Imulomen has stated that the challenges facing the country are not that which a 70-year-old President can tackle.

The Presidential aspirant stated this during a meeting with stakeholders of the party in Kano.

According to him, Nigeria needs a youthful mind that is at the peak of their career to lead the country out of her current doldrums.

Prof. Imulomen noted that the major challenge facing the country is disunity, stating that if he becomes President, all that will be history.

“Nigerians are suffering across board. We need a leader that is at the peak of his career, not a leader that is almost declining; we don’t need an 80-year-old, 70-year-old president.

“The problems of Nigeria need a youthful mind to engage it. I am the only candidate that will tackle security that will tackle unemployment, which will take all Nigerians as one, there will not be a difference between youths in the North and South.”

Prof. Imulomen said that Accord as a party is one that represents unity, therefore, a president from the party is a guarantee of unity for the country.

“If you have a president that is from accord, do you know the meaning of accord, accord means oneness and progress. The party represents unity.” he said.