NGO Decorates AGN Chairman

By Okechukwu Ezeokafor

An international Non-Governmental Organization, Helping Hand International (HHI), recently gave the chairman of Actors Guild of Nigeria, Muoma Obinna, an award in recognition of his selfless service to humanity.

Handing the award to him during a ceremony held in Nnewi, the coordinator of the group, Mrs Joy Ogbuawa, described Muoma as a model movie producer who had exhibited an uncommon resilience and hard work in his art.

‘Muoma is an exemplary youth and we in Helping Hands International have been following his activities both in the movie industry and as a philanthropist closely.

‘He remains a good example of what any youth can accomplish if he is consistent and humble. Obinna has inspired many young people and has been very supportive of Helping Hands International.

‘Personally, I am astonished at how much he has accomplished, given his age and I believe he deserves to be encouraged thus.’’

Receiving the award, the AGN chairman appreciated the group for finding him worthy of the award. He said that it came as a susprise to him when he received news of the intended awardee, adding that the gesture had strengthened his resolve to continue making positive impact in society through his craft.

‘I make movies as a profession. I have always ensured that my movies are decent and convey positive messages. It has not been an easy road and it is a huge boost on my morale to be decorated by such a widely known organization as HHI.

‘I never knew that I was being watched by such notable persons as the wife of the business mogul, Ogbuawa, all these years and it gives me great joy to be identified with such an impactful organization as Helping Hands International.

‘I have known Helping Hands International as an NGO that has continued to live up to its name over the years and I promise to continue to be a good ambassador of the group,’ he said.

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