My Review of 2018 in Fides:Progress, Innovation and Diversification

Dec 31, 2018

By Uchechukwu Enem

2018 is a remarkable year in Fides, marked by incredible progress and innovation. It recorded within the year, great strides in spite of the harsh economic and business realities in the country. Some key milestones are highlighted below.

CCTV: Security is our priority and we are trying to protect our customers, staff, company and property through the initiative of mounting security cameras. Security cameras redefine us and give us a better perspective before our customers and the general public (internal and external). The security camera is actively functional in every part of Fides. It costs more to mount cameras but we believe in the power of security and safety.

Safety: All Fides buildings are currently equipped with fire extinguishers. This is to ensure primary safety at all times for our members of staff, customers, equipments and structures.
Theta 360 Camera for Google Street View: Fides now offers virtual panoramic tour services to hotels, organizations, companies, institutions who wants to have a 360 view of their places added on the Google map. The 360 degree view images on Street View/ Map is to help businesses get great visibility and great experience on Google Search/ Google Maps. Choosing the right restaurant, cafe or hotel is often tough. But by building trust with high- quality virtual tour that lets people experience business location before they arrive. Our trusted professional virtual experience through Google will inspire greater confidence among prospective guests and patrons.

Fides on Google My Business: We have registered Fides as a Google My Business outfit. It means that Google has given us access to manage our organization's presence across Google platforms including Google search and maps. It helps us in managing our stories, products, services and posts in order to create and build better customer relations.

Accessibility Path Way: We have realized the essence of giving friendly presence to the impaired and those physically challenged. It gives us joy to be proud to announce that we now have accessibility path ways for the impaired. This is in view of improving society and helping the physically challenged people. This is also one of the major projects of the Google Map to add places on the map that are accessible to those physically challenged.

Flex Banner, Stickers & Car Branding: Are you looking for a very convenient place to print your flex, banner, stickers and brand your cars? Then Fides is your best choice. Our advantage over others is that we have one of the best graphic creative designers with convenient offices for our customers to relax. Secondly, we have a very wide space inside our company for branding of vehicles.

Multiple CD/DVD Printing and Burning of CDs and DVDs: Fides is into Mass Production of CDs/DVDs, printing and burning of CDs and DVDs. We have recorded success in the past few months and we have upgraded and added more CD/DVD printers to give our customers the best quality they desire. We now have three versions of Primera CD/DVD printing machines
Direct Image (DI) Machines: Our new Direct Image Machine produces a higher quality than the previous one. You could bring your job to us and taste the difference, because Fides is simply here to give you the best.

POS: Are you having fears of how to get us paid? You need not worry because our POS is now available and active so that you can make transactions and enjoy our services.

Salary: Irrespective of the harsh economic system in the country, Fides remains one of the best in Anambra to have their staff salaries paid before the end of every month. We are really proud of this achievement and success because it has helped to create job satisfaction and motivation. We have 58 staff under our monthly salary as at October 2018. And it's on record that Fides has never, in the past three years, defaulted in its promise to pay staff salary not later that the last day of each month. This is particularly remarkable in the time when reports of non-payment of salaries in big and small companies have become common news, even within media houses as well. It has not been easy but we thank God, the management and the members of staff for all their hard work.

Solar Flood Light: Fides has Solar flood light as an alternative to the failed power supply in the country. The solar lights are located towards fides fish ponds and farms which is also at the backyard of Fidesplex. The solar light will help aid vision and security in the vicinity especially when the lights are off.

Fides Fish Ponds and Farms: Diversity and creativity has been our watch word and we have extended it by establishing fish ponds and farm business. Fides Pond and Farm have been added to the map. We have a cucumber farm and we have begun harvesting them. Fides Fish Ponds and Farms are another avenue to realize money to offset our rising expenditure from the purchase of diesel.

Keke Napep: Fides has acquired the tricycle popularly called, 'kekenapep' for her inland distribution and activities.

Staff Training/ On-going Formation: Some of our members of staff are responding to Fides' new work orientation that no staff will be left exclusively only in his/ her area of employment. This helps people to grow and learn other skills no matter how little the knowledge will be. For example, Our Chief Graphics Editor is rounding off with his training on Web Programming and Development and script languages (Javascript, Jquery, PHP, Bootstrap CSS, HTML-5 &MySQL). Also, another staff member in the finishing department is learning to be an operator of Surd machine.

The former Anambra State Sector Commander of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), late Sunday Ajayi, held a session with our Staff and Management on high way codes and other relevant information on road security and safety.

That notwithstanding, many of our other staff members are learning one skill or the other from within Fides, that is from their colleagues and outside Fides. About 7 of our workers are members of Awka Google Local Guides. Google Local Guides are people who add and enrich Google map through their various contributions. This is more of a voluntary service and they are really making waves especially through their meet ups and contributions on the map and on local guides connect.

Social Platform/ Website: Fides' new website has been launched and it is visually attractive and has a compatible view for phones and computers. It was redesigned to reflect more of news. It now includes space for online adverts. This means that we are not limited by our physical circulation. The advantage is that we can now have online version of our news that can be updated as the news evolves.

Our Social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Whatapp is actively functioning and also flooded with news, information and entertainment every time. Our Facebook name is Fides Nigeria. You could log in to read our stories and articles. Also, our YouTube Channel is filled with enriching Advent video series, comedy, Christian video and Fides Kitchen which has series of how dishes are prepared. You could subscribe to our You Tube channel by searching for Fides Nigeria to watch interesting videos and clips.

Fides Archives and Records: We have a reliable Archives and Records unit where all forms of Fides production, printing, publication, etc are stored in both hard and soft copy formats.
Bookshop: Christian, academic and general books are available at Fides Bookshop. You could also get sacramentals and other Christian materials for your faith. We also have inspirational books and gift items. You could show love to your loved ones, friends and well wishers by buying a book or a gift item from Fides Book shop this season. We are here to give you the best.

Bulk SMS: We have taken a new initiative by having our own SMS and Bulk SMS platform at Here our customers and everyone could buy their SMS and manage their SMS.

Customer Relations Personnel
Have you met our welcoming and smiling Silver. She is always available to give you Fides warmest and golden welcome.

The list is still counting….We are proud that we have shared some of our stories, achievements, progresses and our recent developmental strides as we look towards keeping our customers as we make new ones. We love to make our customers happy and fulfilled about our services all the time.

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