Elista House of Talents to Be Unveiled, Dec 23

Dec 12, 2018

By Jude Atupulazi

The long awaited Anambra edition of Elista House of Talents TV Reality Academy is billed to kick-off this season with The Unveiling, a fun-filled entertainment programme that will feature lots of activists on the entertainment, fashion, technology industries and social services. It will take place at Cheleku Hotels and Suites, Awka.

Time: Accreditation of House Candidates: 10:00AM-2:00PM
The Unveiling: 3:00pm

Elista House of Talents Television Reality Academy (Skills Vocational Training) is a television reality project that is designed to discover, train and promote skills and talents in diverse areas of human endeavour through organized in-house activities on technological, entertainment and social developmental skills acquisitions and exhibitions which will be transmitted and viewed on CTL Digital Cable and other television channels in the country for 120 days, 14 days per skill area, starting from 29 December 2018 to 29 April, 2019.

According to the executive director/ producer, Mr Ifeanyi Aguocha, the reality show is a capacity building, empowerment and technological, entertainment, social developmental programme that is aimed at discovering, training and promoting skills and talents in line with the present global trend of technological and social advancement, which also is necessitated by the need for self-reliance and socio-economic development.

He said the project was targeted at youths, teachers, holiday making students and out-of school persons of who nursed the ambition of learning one skill or another to ameliorate their given vocations or careers.

It is split into categories, with Category A involving those of 18 Years and above. Category B involves 10-17 Years who must be accompanied by their parents/guardians.
According to Aguocha, candidates of Elista House will be camped and trained in the following areas according to each candidate's area of choice:

1. Electronics; Repairs & Services of Television Sets, LED, LCD. Plasma, Audio & Visual digital units, etc.

2. Solar Systems; Installation & Services

3. Computers; Software & Hardware Applications, Maintenance & Services

4. Generators; Repairs & Services

1. Music; stage performance, voice grooming & singing techniques, instrumentation, etc.

2. Pageantry; Runway, fashion, commercial modeling, Body Treat, dietary and fit-keep Therapies.

3. Acting; Stage, Screen acts, TV. & Radio hosting/ Stunts

4. Dancing; Stage performance, dance techniques, etc.

Social Services:
1. Cosmetology: Body, Facial Treats, Weight Management, etc.

2. Photography: Studio Photography, Personality Photography, Corporate Photography, etc.

3. Fashion & Designing: men's garment making, Ladies garment making, etc.

4. Catering & Craft Practice: Food Preparation, Food & Drink Services.

In his words, 'Candidates of Elista House of Talents TV Reality Academy stand a chance of benefiting in the project in the following areas, Skill knowledge in any chosen area; Free Scholarship for students, Endorsements, Financial Grants, Free Career Support Service (CSS) and many more.

The concept of this project is necessitated by the imperative need to engage the ever increasing, esteemed populace of our nation which consists of multi religious, ethnic, nationals with less professionals and industrialists, thus creating a high rate of unemployment and upheavals especially among the youths.

‘An Academy of this nature is projected at producing bulk rate of professionals within the given 120 days of the training exercise in the average of 1000-2000 Direct beneficiaries, 100, 000-200, 000 or more In-direct Beneficiaries in this edition of the project edition in different areas of life, thus producing independent employers of labour with creative IQ for technological, social, entertainment productions and socio-economic advancement in our society particularly in this State.

'In consideration of the depth benefits of this noble project, on behalf of the entire management and organizers of this edition of Elista House of Talents, we appeal to all well-meaning individuals, civil societies, government agencies corporate organizations, church and institutions of learning for support in any area possible towards making manifest of our genuine intentions to impacting knowledge for a better, industrialized and productive society,' he said.

According to Aguocha, Just as social development is the life line of a progressive society, politics is the centre nerve of a stable, democratic nation without which a nation can be plunged into oblivion of total insecurity, breakdown of rule of law and drift to anarchy which renders human ability unproductive.

He therefore described the Academy as an instrument of political force designed to serve as a human developmental strategy which could be utilized for social, political and national integration in consideration of its mass output of professionals in different fields of social, technological and entertainment industries through its Direct and Indirect Beneficiaries this seasons.

He said that interested people could register by logging LOG ON TO www.elistamedia.org OR VISIT ANY OF THEIR REGISTRATION CENTRES;



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