2019 Elections, Test of your Faith

Dec 05, 2018

A cross-section of the leaders of the Knights of St Mulumba during a press briefing at St Patrick's Cathedral, Awka, last Thursday

…Knights of St Mulumba Urged to Elect Leaders People they Can Trust

By Jude Atupulazi

Ahead of the 2019 general elections in the country, the members of Knights of St Mulumba, KSM, have been charged to elect only those who can defend their faith against the background of wanton killings in the country.

Speaking during a press briefing to herald a Three-Day Conference of the Order at St Patrick's Cathedral, Awka, the Supreme Knight of the Knights of St Mulumba, Diamond Ovueraye, described life in Nigeria as cheap and said voters must elect people ready to do the right things.

He said, 'In the midst of intractable insecurity, raging ethno-religious conflicts, pulverizing poverty, palpable injustice, dilapidated infrastructure, worsening unemployment and nose diving economy, the Nigerian atmosphere is nevertheless feverishly charged with politics. We are experiencing heightened political activities as the candidates of various political parties have emerged and campaigns have started.'

He therefore urged voters to exercise their power to seek out and vote those who possessed the right qualities to unify and grow the country and save her from further dividing in order to bequeath a better country to the next generation.

The Knights decried what they called the continued gruesome, wanton, unprovoked and unprecedented killing of unarmed Nigerians by herdsmen, regretting that life in the country had become brutish and cheap, with security of life and property at an all time low.

They however commended the soldiers fighting insurgency in the Northern part of the country and described them as gallant patriots. This was even as they commiserated with families of those who died in action and prayed God to receive the dead in his Kingdom.

They called on the Federal Government to address the harsh economic realities in the country by thinking outside the box and by paying living wages to workers, noting that a hungry nation was an angry nation.



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