Anambra Cash Transfer: Coordinator Decries Attacks by Indigenes

Nov 19, 2018

… Denied FG's N5, 000 for Poorest Nigerians

By Ikeugonna Eleke

The Anambra State coordinator of the national cash transfer office, saddled with the disbursement of the N5, 000 conditional cash transfer (CCT) for the poorest of the poor, Mr Ralph Enukorah, has said alleged an attack on members of his staff over removal of names of citizens who enrolled to benefit from the programme.

Mr Enukorah who spoke during the Southeast media launch of Monitoring Recovered Assets in Nigeria through Transparency and Accountability (MANTRA), said even Nigerians who were well to do still strove to be enrolled into the project.

He clarified that the conditional cash transfer programme was meant for very poor people in various parts of Nigeria, with the aim of helping to alleviate poverty for them.

He said, 'Some people have been targeted wrongly, and their names enrolled into the programme, and they disguise as poor people to collect the money, even though they are known to have good means of livelihood.

'We have been attacked by people in local parts of Anambra State, who entered their names, hoping to benefit from the programme, but were removed when we found out that they did not fall into the category of people targeted to benefit.'

Enukorah stated that in Anambra State, a total of 7,615 people in the state were targeted, and 7, 609 persons were currently benefiting from the programme, even though there was room for expansion.

The programme which was sponsored by Civil Resources Development and Documentation Centre (CIRDDOC) was aimed at monitoring the disbursement of funds recovered from the Gen Sani Abacha's loot.

Engr Ralph Ndigwe, CIRDDOC Project Advisor who spoke on ways of monitoring recovered assets, said the organization, using its MANTRA project was working to ensure that recovered funds were not re-looted by other people.

'The recovered funds belong to Nigerians, and by monitoring usage of the money, we ensure that the funds remain for Nigerians, instead of being relocated by others,' he said.

He added that the group would raise and train local monitors who would monitor the payment of the CCT, to ensure that it reached directly to those it was meant for.



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