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Nov 08, 2018

Observe the green padlock above - a sign of security on our website

By Nwolisa Michael-Jude. K

Over the past few months, Fides Communications has added new interesting features to its website and has also achieved higher website ranking both globally and locally. It is no longer news that Fides Communications, a giant media outfit and the social communications arm of Awka Catholic diocese, launched the rebranded version of its online portal few months back.

The online portal at is aimed at extending our coverage to effectively serve our global audience with hot-in-demand news and latest stories from local and global mediasphere. Our website delivers to you all the latest news, stories, events and articles at any time of the day either via your computer or mobile device. We cover breaking news from different niches, be it political, religious, economic, technological and inspirational stories from Nigeria and beyond. Thus, you can stay updated with happenings in your environment by simply visiting

Furthermore, our website gives you the opportunity to share ideas on certain topics that interest you. We have made our platform as interactive as possible, such that readers of like minds can comment on a particular story or article and add further insight to the topic being discussed. We do not only serve you stories, we also give you a platform to share your ideas with the world. We give you a voice!

The launching of our website therefore, was widely celebrated by our teeming audience. This of course has motivated us to keep improving our online service delivery to serve you better. Our team of IT professionals have been working behind the clock to ensure that we live up to our promise. We made some giant strides within these few months and will like to bring you up to speed.

First, is the extra security layer now added to our online platform. We were formerly running on http, but now we operate on https. Ignore the jargons! What we simply mean here is that our platform is now more secure and communications through our website are highly encrypted for security purposes. Our users no longer have to worry about the safety of their private information on our server as we are now safer like other financial institutions and highly secure websites. Wait, have I told you that our ecommerce platform will soon be launched? Yes, very soon you will be able to make purchases on our website from the comfort of your home. And the good news is, YOUR CREDIT CARD DETAILS ARE SAFE, thanks to our https protocol. Observe the green padlock beside our website address, in the image above. That's an assurance of security!

More still, our alexa ranking has greatly improved within these few months. Alexa is the company that ranks all websites according to their popularity, both in the world and their country of origin. The more popular a website is, the more it receives a better Alexa ranking. As at August 2018, we were ranked 14,469th in Nigeria and 2,004,754th globally, as shown on the image below. What this means is that we were 14469th most popular website in Nigeria.

We could not settle for such a low ranking on our platform. We tirelessly got to work, in a bid to improve our ranking and position our platform better to meet up with our high operational standards. After few months of unrelenting efforts, our ranking greatly improved. As of this October, we are now ranked 6700 in Nigeria and 844695 in the world. This of course shows a super improvement from the earlier unpleasant position. Observe our improved position on the image below.

While it is not yet Uhuru for us, as we are determined to be the first, we are happy with the journey so far. We are therefore not resting on our oars in giving you the best online media platform you can be proud of.

You might be wondering at this point how all these information are valuable to you.
Ok, let's take the benefits one after another!

* Do you know you can advertise your business on Yes, you can showcase your goods and services to the world, through our online platform. We understand the markets, and we know how to position your business to our global readers for more sales and increased revenue to your business.

* How about connecting with a community of like minds and sharing your ideas? Our platform gives you exactly that. We target a wide global audience interested in different areas of life and sharing their thoughts via comments. therefore is the right platform to give life to your voice.

* Our stand-by IT unit is ever ready to assist you, should you encounter any challenges on our website. We are always available online to attend to your needs. You can reach us via email for any questions, suggestions, observations and requests. We will surely attend to you.

Finally, we have come a long way in the media industry. We know the ropes, we understand the trend. We know how to deliver the most interesting well-crafted stories to you and that is exactly what we do at Fides Communications. We will keep working to improve our website.

Till our next update, stay tuned on

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